Best Expandable Garden Hose Reviews

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You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV. Collapsible or expandable hoses are a convenient alternative to traditional garden hoses if you want to save space.

But how can you choose a durable product? Which materials and brands are best? We’re here to answer some common questions about the best expandable garden hoses and recommend some of the best products on the market.

Reviews of the Best Expandable Garden Hoses

We have selected these expandable hoses because of their durable materials and flexible design. Here are our favorite products in different categories to help you find the best expandable garden hose for your unique needs.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks for the best expandable hoses;

Best Overall
MULTIPLE COLORS - Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose, Lightweight & No-Kink Flexible Garden Hose, 3/4 inch Solid Brass Fittings and Double Latex Core, 75 ft Red Black
Flexi Hose
Best Overall
MULTIPLE COLORS - Flexi Hose with 8 Function Nozzle Expandable Garden Hose, Lightweight & No-Kink Flexible Garden Hose, 3/4 inch Solid Brass Fittings and Double Latex Core, 75 ft Red Black
Flexi Hose

Best Made in the USA: TBI Pro Expandable Garden Hose

TBI Pro is a Chicago-based company that offers a wide range of innovative products. The engineers who founded this company have designed electronics, patio and garden products, and a line of pet products.

TBI Pro products consistently receive excellent reviews and stand out thanks to their quality and smart design.

Shoppers also say TBI Pro offers excellent customer service.

This expandable rubber hose is one of the top-selling products from TBI Pro, making it one of the best expandable hoses. This garden hose meets the quality standards the brand has established with its electronics and other product lines.

You can choose from a 50 or 100 ft hose, depending on the size of the surface you need to water. The hose comes with a set that includes everything you need to water your garden.

We recommend this hose from TBI pro because the accessories included mean you get more for your money, and the different accessories are quality products that will last for years.

This quality expandable hose uses 3750D polyester fabric for its exterior. It’s a strong yet flexible material that results in a durable garden hose and prevents tears.

There is a latex covered middle with four layers. Using four layers of latex results in an inner tube that expands quickly and regains its shape once you shut the water off. The four layers of durable latex help the inner tube retain its shape and make it less likely to tear or burst.

Thanks to these flexible materials, the 17 ft hose can expand to its full length of 50 or 100 ft when water flows through it. It doesn’t twist and doesn’t form kinks, thanks to the elasticity of the latex core.

The hose fully expands within two minutes, and it regains its original shape and length just as quickly, as the hose contracts. It’s a fairly lightweight hose since the 50 ft weighs a little over four pounds.

You will get some accessories, including ¾” solid brass fittings with a shut-off brass valve, silicon protectors for the connectors, and an aluminum interlocking system that prevents rust and leaks.

The accessories also include a two-way splitter so you can connect two hoses to the same outdoor spigot. There are a storage bag and a hose hanger you can attach to a wall to keep your hose handy, making for easy storage.

We like the fact that TBI Pro includes additional washers with the hose. There are heavy-duty rubber washers that form a tight seal in the connectors, but you can replace them easily if you notice leaks or if the seals start drying and cracking with time.

These expandable hoses come with a zinc spray nozzle. You can rotate the head of the hose nozzle to choose one of the nine spraying patterns. The spray nozzle is easy to use, and it gives you precise control over the water flow and water pressure.


  • Comes with accessories including a hose hanger
  • Durable 4-layer latex inner tube
  • Expands from 17 ft to 50 or 100 ft
  • US-based manufacturer
  • Pressure regulator


  • You might need to purchase a quick connector separately
  • You will need to drain and store the hose out of direct sunlight after each use

Best Value: Knoikos 50ft Expandable Garden Hose 

An expandable garden hose can cost more than a traditional rubber hose, but there are budget-friendly options available. If you have a small garden that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or can’t justify splurging on one of the most expensive options, the best collapsible garden hose for your needs is this 50 ft hose from Knoikos.

A retractable hose suitable for small or medium-sized yards and gardens, with very little space. We like this expandable garden hose because it’s an excellent value and it’s a durable investment. It’s easy to use, and a dependable hose thanks to its polyester and latex construction.

This retractable hose only measures 15 ft when not in use. Once water flows through it, this hose stretches to a length of 50 ft within a few minutes. It will go back to its original size automatically once you shut that water off.

This hose has a three layer latex core and is 2mm thick. The outer layer of the hose uses 3750D polyester fabric. This tightly-knit material prevents leaks.

The manufacturer indicates that this expandable water hose can withstand temperatures that range from -4 to 122°F. Even if you don’t experience extreme temperatures in your area, it’s good to know that it is cold and heat resistant and won’t damage it if you leave it outside by accident or store it in a shed without heat.

This expandable hose comes with durable solid brass connectors. The 3/4” metal connectors won’t rust or leak, and there is a convenient shut-off valve so you can stop the water flow.

The spraying nozzle makes this hose extremely versatile with its ten spraying patterns. Instead of having to squeeze the nozzle, there is a dial you can turn with your thumb to adjust the water flow. This feature can reduce fatigue from squeezing the nozzle if you have a large surface to water or suffer from arthritis.

The hose nozzle has a rubber grip that makes it comfortable to hold, and there is a tight rubber seal that prevents the nozzle from leaking.

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It comes with a nozzle, hook, storage bag, and some spare sealing rings.


  • One of the cheaper hoses
  • Durable materials
  • Nozzle has 10 watering modes
  • Thumb control for water flow
  • Features brass connectors


  • Other hoses come with more accessories
  • Only one size available

Best Overall: Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Hose

Flexi Hose was one of the first brands to offer expandable hoses. Other manufacturers offer similar designs, but Flexi Hose is still the brand with the best expandable garden hose.

We think this upgraded expandable hose is the best expanding garden hose because of its lightweight and durable construction. While other manufacturers typically offer 50 ft hoses that weigh around four pounds, this 50 ft hose from Flexi Hose only weighs around three pounds. The durable polyester fabric, thick latex core, and corrosion-resistant brass fittings make this an excellent choice.

This lightweight expandable garden hose expands to three times its original length. It measures 17 ft when there is no water flowing through it, and it expands to 50 ft within a couple of minutes once you start using it. If 50 ft is too short for your garden, you can opt for a 75 or 100 ft model.

You can also choose from different colors. The conventional hose is black or green, but you can also find some original colors like black hoses with orange or red speckles. These different color options are fun, but they can also help you stay organized if you have more than one, and can make your hose more visible against a green background.

There is a zinc spray nozzle that you can rotate to switch between the eight different watering modes. You can squeeze the handle to adjust the water flow.

The hose comes with ¾” brass connectors, a shut-off valve, and some rubber seals that prevent the fittings from leaking.

The inner tube uses four layers of latex, and the outer portion of the tube features a synthetic 3750D fabric. These two materials result in a durable product that won’t tear or burst and that retains its original shape no matter how many times it expands with the water pressure.

Overall, we think this expandable hose from Flexi Hose is the best expandable hose money can buy because of its lightweight design and durable materials. It comes with a nozzle, hook, and storage bag.


  • Lightweight option
  • Different sizes and colors to choose from
  • Thick latex inner tube
  • Durable connectors


  • Limited an eight pattern spray nozzle
  • Other hoses come with more accessories

Best Heavy-Duty Option: Growgreen Improved Expanding Hose

There are different reasons to consider a heavy-duty expandable hose. You might want something that will last longer or you might need a sturdy hose if you have a large surface to water. Investing in a heavy-duty hose is also worth it if you live in a dry area and need to water your lawn more regularly.

We think you should consider this heavy-duty hose if you live in an area with a cold or harsh climate since the durable materials of this collapsible hose will last longer in extreme conditions.

It’s also worth it to consider a heavy-duty hose or industrial tubing for commercial applications. If you offer lawn care services, a heavy-duty hose will last longer.

We recommend this Growgreen expandable garden hose if you need a heavy-duty option because of the quality of the hose materials used and because the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the product.

This hose features a polyester and latex construction. It’s extremely lightweight at less than three pounds for the 50 ft model.

It comes in four sizes. You can choose from a 25, 50, 75, or 100 ft hose. The hose grows to three times its original size, which means the 25 and 50 ft options are ideal if you want a portable hose or don’t have a lot of space to store it.

The hose expands within a couple of minutes and goes back to its original size within seconds. The design prevents twists, tangles, and kinks and makes the hose easy to use. You will save time when watering your plants or lawn, and this durable hose can withstand high water pressure without leaking.

This quality hose comes with a nine function spray nozzle. It’s easy to operate since all you have to do is twist a ring to choose the spray pattern you want to use and squeeze the handle to control the water flow.

The hose also features corrosion-resistant connectors and a shut-off valve.


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Lightweight hose
  • Choose from four sizes
  • Lifetime warranty


  • No hook or storage bag
  • Other nozzles have more spray patterns

Buyer Guide To Expandable Hoses

An expandable hose is a convenient way to save space and get rid of twists and kinks. Here’s what you need to know before you purchase one of these hoses.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Expandable Hose

The best expandable hose depends on the surface you need to water, how often you use it, and a few other factors. Here’s what to consider when comparing best flexible garden hose reviews.


The concept of the expandable garden hose dates back to 2011. The inventor of the expandable hose, Michael Berardi, wanted a product that would eliminate the heavy kinks that can make carrying a classic garden hose difficult.

Berardi designed a retractable hose that would be easier to handle, lighter to carry, and less likely to sustain tears.

The original expandable garden hose used a rubber inner tube and a nylon shell. Rubber resulted in a sturdy inner tube that expands with the water pressure, and the nylon cover protected the prototype from tears while regaining its shape quickly.

Different brands rapidly developed their own version of the flexible garden hose and found better materials for the concept.


Latex replaced rubber for the inner tube. Latex is a substance that comes from plants. It has outstanding elastic properties, it’s lightweight, and it’s incredibly durable.

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Plants product latex to form a seal that protects them from insects. This seal has to remain thin so the plant can continue breathing, and it also needs to be elastic so the plant can keep growing.

Latex is lighter than rubber, and it’s possible to get the same amount of resistance with a thinner layer of latex compared to rubber. Latex is the ideal material for the inner tube of a flexible garden hose because it expands quickly when water flows through it, and it regains its original shape.

The elastic properties of latex mean the inner tube won’t lose its shape even after years of use. It’s also a material that doesn’t tear easily and won’t burst if there is a high-pressure water flow going through the hose.


Polyester is the most popular fabric for the protective layer you can find on the outside of the expandable hose.

All the collapsible garden hoses we recommend use 3750D polyester because this material is sturdy enough to prevent tears and make your new expandable hose a good investment.

Polyester fabric uses tightly-knit polyester yarn or fiber. It’s a kind of plastic with a wide range of applications.

You can find polyester clothes, footwear, bedding, upholstery, and more.

Polyester has become a popular synthetic material because it’s cost-effective to produce. It’s durable, and you can expose it to different chemicals, humidity, direct sunlight, or extreme temperatures without any damages.

Polyester doesn’t wrinkle, shrink, or lose its shape. It’s a strong material that remains lightweight, even if you add more polyester fiber to create a thicker and stronger material. It’s easy to clean with water, and it dries quickly.

Manufacturers mention 3750D polyester when describing the construction of their expandable garden hoses. This number refers to the denier count of the material.

The denier count is a measure of how dense fibers are. A fabric with a low denier count will be more lightweight and breathable. The polyester used for clothes typically has a low denier count.

A material with a high denier count is going to be thicker, stronger, and more durable. Polyester with a denier count of 3750D is on the higher end of this scale. It’s the ideal material for the exterior housing of an expandable hose because the tightly-knit fibers don’t tear easily.

We recommend investing in a collapsible garden hose that uses 3750D polyester because you are going to drag this hose behind you. It might come into contact with landscape rocks, thorns, and sharp corners. The thick polyester layer will protect the inner tube while easily expanding and regaining its shape.

Number of Cores

The inner tube of most expandable hoses is two or more layers of latex. Some manufacturers use a triple layer latex core or more to create a more durable hose. Here’s why the number of cores matters.

Two-Layer Latex Middle

A core with fewer layers of latex has the advantage of being more cost-effective for the manufacturer, which usually translates to a lower price for the consumer.

With a double latex core, the hose fully preserves the elastic properties of the material. It expands quickly, even if you don’t have the best water pressure. When you turn the water off, the hose should regain its original length within a few seconds.

A two-layer core results in a hose that feels a little lighter. Even though these layers are thin, they run along the entire length of the hose and can impact its weight.

The downside of a hose with a two-layer latex center is that the inner tube is fairly thin. There is a polyester sleeve to protect it, but the inner tube will be more likely to tear and leak. Small rocks and other debris might make their way inside of the polyester sleeve and damage the inner tube.

A two-layer core makes sense if you want an affordable hose, if you have medium water pressure, or would like a lightweight and portable hose. Keep in mind that other products might be more durable.

Four-Layer Latex Center

Some manufacturers offer collapsible hoses with a four-layer latex core. Using more layers results in a thicker inner tube.

Depending on the brand, the expansion ratio might be different, or the hose might take longer to expand.

Adding more layers of latex also means that the hose will need more pressure to expand. You might not be able to get your collapsible garden hose to expand fully if you have low water pressure.

Weight is another important consideration.

A thicker core will result in a heavier hose.

The thickness of the hose can make it less flexible. Draining and coiling the hose might require a little more time and energy due to the thickness of the core.

Why do manufacturers add layers to the core?

The answer is durability.

Additional layers form a thicker inner tube that is likely to tear.

Surface tears might appear on the outer layer, but you will still have intact inner layers that don’t leak.

Purchasing a hose with a four-layer core makes sense if you need a heavy-duty hose you will use regularly or if you have a yard with lots of rocks or sharp edges that could damage a hose with a thinner core.

Hose Fittings

The best collapsible garden hoses should have durable fittings and washers.


Typically, expandable hoses feature a connector for an outside spigot and a connector for the spray nozzle. Manufacturers use durable metal for these fittings to create a secure connection that won’t leak.

Brass connectors are a popular option. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc that resists corrosion.

Brass is a common material for residential and industrial plumbing applications.

It’s a material that lasts for several years without cracks or corrosion.

It’s also a low maintenance material. There is no need to clean solid brass fittings, and it’s not a big deal if you leave your hose outside overnight or forget to drain it. Brass connectors and brass fittings can withstand a wide range of conditions.

Rubber Seals

You will find rubber seals that form a tight seal inside of the connectors of expandable hoses.

These seals allow you to get a leak proof connection when you tighten the fittings.

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Rubber is a soft material that compresses when you attach your hose to the hose bibb or connect the spray nozzle to the hose.

It also prevents metal parts from touching directly, which would cause friction and wear-and-tear.

These rubber washers expand the lifespan of the metal fittings and prevent leaks. They’re durable parts, but they can become dry and cracked over the years. Things like exposure to heat or UV rays can accelerate this process.

The good news is that rubber washers are inexpensive and easy to replace. If you can, replace the old washers with some silicone rubber washers since this material will last longer and can withstand a wider range of temperatures.

All the expandable hoses we recommend use standard ¾” fittings, which means finding replacement washers should be easy.

Hose Length and Weight

The ideal hose length depends on the size of the area you need to water and on the location of the hose bibb.

Can you reach all the spots you need to water with a 50 ft (15.24 m) hose connected to your outside spigot?

If yes, there is no need to invest in a longer hose.

The length of the hose will impact the weight of the product. A longer hose means more materials and more weight, which can reduce the portability of the hose and increase the price.

Storing is another important consideration.

A longer hose can require more time for draining and coiling it.

If you have low to medium water pressure at your outside spigot, a shorter hose will expand without any issues.

However, a 100 ft (30.48 m) hose might not expand all the way because the water pressure will drop significantly as you get further from the water source. In this case, you may be better off investing in a regular garden hose reel cart.

The Advantages of Owning an Expandable Garden Hose

Expandable garden hoses are popular because of the advantages they hold over traditional hoses:

The best expandable garden hoses will help you save room.

These hoses measure 15 to 17 ft when you don’t use them and take up less space when you store them.

Collapsible hoses eliminate kinks and twists.

A traditional garden hose that uses rubber or vinyl can form kinks that stop the water flow and will twist if you don’t coil it properly.

It’s generally harder to get your hose to maintain a uniform shape if you don’t opt for an expandable model.

A traditional hose doesn’t have a protective outer shell.

Dragging it over sharp rocks or gravel can ruin it. A collapsible hose is a more durable option thanks to the protective polyester layer and the inner tube that uses more than one layer of latex.

Expandable garden hoses are easy to use. They expand when you turn the water on, and they regain their original length by themselves. They are self draining.

Latex and polyester are lightweight materials compared to rubber or vinyl. Collapsible hoses are often lighter than other products, which makes them easy to transport and carry around your garden.

Flexi Hose FAQ’s

The next step in our expandable garden hose review is to answer some common questions.

Q: How Do You Use an Expandable Garden Hose?

Connect the hose fittings to the outside spigot. You will have to screw the fitting on unless you have a quick-connect fitting. Open the shut-off valve on the hose and turn the water on.

The water flow will expand the hose. You can then use the nozzle to water your lawn.

Turn the hose bibb off, and the hose will retract. You can disconnect it from the spigot and start coiling it while draining any remaining water.

Q: How Do You Repair an Expandable Hose?

Because expandable hoses expand with water pressure, you can’t fix tears with a patch or tape.

If there is a leak or tear in your hose, remove the polyester sleeve. Cut the damaged section. If it’s near the end of the hose, connect the fitting to make a shorter hose.

If the leak is in the middle of the hose, remove the damaged section and connect the two hose ends with a barbed coupler and some screw clamps.

Q: What’s the Best Way to Store an Expandable Hose?

Always drain your hose and let it regain its original shape before storing it. Coil it clockwise or counter-clockwise and hang it on a hose hook. You can also keep it in a protective storage bag. Store your hose indoors in the winter if you can.

Additional Considerations

Is a collapsible hose a good option for you? Here are some additional things to consider.

Are You Going to Use a Sprinkler?

Sprinklers are a convenient alternative for watering your lawn. They can replace a traditional garden hose reel.

You can still get a hose to supplement your irrigation system during the dry months or to water specific spots and turn your sprinklers off.

If you rely on sprinklers, the best garden hose reel can be a good option since it doesn’t take a lot of space, but you might also want to opt for an inexpensive traditional hose.

What’s Your Water Pressure Like?

Expandable hoses need water pressure to expand. If you have low water pressure, your hose might not expand fully.

It’s best to choose a hose with a two-layer core and to opt for a shorter 25 ft 50 ft hose if your water pressure isn’t great.

Final Thoughts

Expandable garden hoses are popular because they help you save space, they’re easy to use, and they solve the problem of kinks and twists. They’re also more durable than traditional hoses, thanks to their protective polyester sleeve and latex core.We think the best expandable garden hose is the Flexi Hose Upgraded Expandable Hose. We recommend this flexible garden hose because of its lightweight and durable materials, the different sizes available, and the convenient zinc spray nozzle.