The Best Grass Whips for Quiet Weed Cutting

A weed whip is great for keeping your weeds under control without having to fire up your trusty, powered weed wacker. In fact, once you’ve used a manual weed cutter you may find yourself reaching for it instead of the gas powered trimmer more and more as they’re so much easier to use!

Best Rake for Dead Grass

You work hard to maintain a lush green lawn, and the last thing you want is a real eyesore, that is dead grass to ruin your efforts.  The good news is that removing grass that’s dead from your lawn isn’t a daunting task, that is if you use the right tool for the job. 

Moss Pole For Plants

You know how, in the wild, vining plants with aerial roots grow upwards, climbing along nearby trees and other larger, sturdy plants? The texture of tree bark being so rough, makes for the perfect surface for epiphytic plants to get a proper grip to attach themselves and continue to climb vertically.

Bermuda Grass vs Crabgrass: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to comparing Crabgrass vs Bermudagrass, there are plenty of similarities: They both grow really quickly They both can overwhelm and bully other plants They’re both invasive and can take over your lawn if not controlled Sounds like we’re talking about two common weeds, right?