Best Garden Hose Nozzle Reviews

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A new nozzle is a great way to upgrade your garden hose. The ultimate hose nozzle can help you save time, reach spots that are difficult to water, and even reduce your water bill.

We have put together a few product recommendations to help you choose the best garden hose nozzle and some tips for comparing things like spray patterns and materials.

Reviews of the Best Garden Hose Nozzles

In a hurry? Here are our top picks;

Best Wand
GREEN MOUNT Watering Wand, 24 Inches Sprayer Wand with Superior Stainless Head, Perfect for Hanging Baskets, Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, Garden and Lawn
Best Fireman Type
Gilmour 855032-1001 Fireman’s High-Pressure PRO Spray Nozzle with Large, Red/Black
Best Pistol Type
GREEN MOUNT Water Hose Nozzle Spray Nozzle, Metal Garden Hose Nozzle with Adjustable Spray Patterns, Perfect for Watering Plants, Washing Cars and Showering Dogs & Pets
Green Mount
Gilmour High Pressure
Green Mount Pistol
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
Best Wand
GREEN MOUNT Watering Wand, 24 Inches Sprayer Wand with Superior Stainless Head, Perfect for Hanging Baskets, Plants, Flowers, Shrubs, Garden and Lawn
Green Mount
Amazon Prime
Best Fireman Type
Gilmour 855032-1001 Fireman’s High-Pressure PRO Spray Nozzle with Large, Red/Black
Gilmour High Pressure
Amazon Prime
Best Pistol Type
GREEN MOUNT Water Hose Nozzle Spray Nozzle, Metal Garden Hose Nozzle with Adjustable Spray Patterns, Perfect for Watering Plants, Washing Cars and Showering Dogs & Pets
Green Mount Pistol
Amazon Prime

We recommend the following hose nozzles because they’re durable and versatile. Read on to find out more about the features and benefits of each product to find the best match for your needs.

Best Wand-Type Nozzle — Green Mount Watering Wand

A wand-type nozzle or watering wand is a convenient accessory that allows you to reach further with your garden hose. The nozzle acts as a rigid extension of the hose that you can use to water areas you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

This product is great if you are a gardener, for reaching hanging flower baskets, misting leaves that are higher up, or water plants that grow behind shrubbery. You can also use it for precision applications, like watering the roots of a plant without bending over.

It’s an ideal option if you have limited mobility, if you have some delicate plants that require precise watering, or if you have some hanging flower planters.

The main drawback of a watering wand is that it’s less portable than other nozzle types since it adds length to your hose. It takes up more space when you store it, and it can be awkward to use if you wind up your hose on a reel.

We recommend this watering wand from Green Mount because it’s affordable and easy to use. You can choose between a 16 and 24” wand, which should give you plenty of length to water areas that are hard to reach.

The ergonomic handle features a textured grip, and there is a knob you can use to control the water flow. You won’t have to press on a trigger to adjust the water flow, which reduces fatigue and results in a more consistent water flow.

You can operate this wand-type nozzle by squeezing the handle. There is a clip you can use to keep the handle engaged if you don’t want to keep pressing it.

The nozzle head is a metal surface with over 600 fine holes. This design feature is perfect for limiting water flow for delicate flowers, seedbeds, or misting leaves.

The wand features a corrosion-resistant aluminum tube and a connector that filters dirt and debris, so the nozzle doesn’t clog. You can remove the nozzle to clean it if needed.

There are eight different spray patterns, and this wand remains lightweight at 16 ounces.


  • Choose between 16 and 24” watering wand
  • Durable and lightweight aluminum design
  • Over 600 fine holes for misting
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Takes up more space than other nozzles
  • Watering wand isn’t collapsible

Best Fireman-Type Nozzle — Gilmour High-Pressure Nozzle

A fireman nozzle is a sprayer that widens towards the end. It’s ideal for covering a large surface and for applications that require a higher water pressure. It’s not only for high-pressure applications since you can adjust the water flow.

A fireman nozzle is the best choice for your needs if you need something you can use to water your lawn, wash your car, clean house siding, spray your driveway, or fill up a kiddie pool in no time.

It’s a type of nozzle that can save you a lot of time on yard work, and you can reduce the water flow for applications like watering flower beds and more delicate plants.

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We recommend this hose nozzle from Gilmour because it’s sturdy, durable, and very affordable. It’s a heavy-duty product that will last for years, whether you primarily use it to water your lawn or to clean your vehicle.

The die-cast zine construction creates a durable frame for the nozzle. Die-cast is a manufacturing process that uses high pressure to get metal to adopt the shape of a mold. The result is a reliable dial nozzle product that won’t corrode.

This nozzle can spray a jet of water at a pressure of up to 250 PSI, making this product the best high pressure garden hose nozzle. Keep in mind that you will need good water pressure at your outside spigot to get this kind of performance.

There is a metal shutoff valve you can use to turn the water flow on and off and control its pressure. It’s a convenient feature that allows you to shut off water quickly when needed and that gives you precise control over the flow of the water.

There is a spray head you can twist to adjust the spray pattern and a comfortable grip that will reduce fatigue when holding the nozzle for long periods. The textured surface of the grip is comfortable, and there is a layer of insulation that is ideal when spraying hot or cold water.


  • Versatile option for many watering tasks
  • Metal lever control
  • Die-cast zinc construction
  • High pressure nozzle


  • Doesn’t have different spray patterns
  • Performance depends on your water pressure

Best Pistol-Type Nozzle — Green Mount Water Hose Nozzle

Pistol-type nozzles are a popular option because they’re convenient and easy to use. These nozzles feature a large trigger you can squeeze to start watering. You can adjust the water flow based on how hard you squeeze the trigger.

There are many advantages to choosing a pistol-type nozzle. Pistol grip nozzles are versatile and suitable for applications like watering plants, bathing pets, washing vehicles, and more. They give you precise control over the water flow, and it’s easy to start and stop watering with the trigger feature.

The main downside of pistol-type nozzles is that you have to keep pressing on the trigger to keep watering. Pressing on the nozzle grip can become tiring after a while and even painful if you have arthritis.

We recommend this nozzle from Green mount because it features a lock bar that eliminates this potential drawback. You can engage the lock bar to maintain the trigger in place without using your hand to apply pressure.

This zinc alloy nozzle comes in three different colors. It’s a durable nozzle that you can leave outside and use for years without any corrosion forming. The anodized finish prevents rust from forming on the surface of the nozzle.

It’s a compact and lightweight accessory that won’t add much weight to your garden hose, and its small size makes it easy to store.

You will find the trigger in the back of the nozzle. Some pistol-type nozzles have a trigger on the other side, but placing the trigger in the back makes the nozzle easier to operate since you squeeze with the palm of your hand.

We like the shock-resistant design of this nozzle. There is a thick rubber ring that protects the dial and a slip-resistant grip on the handle. Green Mount also uses rubber washers to prevent leaks.

This nozzle is a versatile product with six watering modes, including flat, soaker, angled, jet, shower, and mist.


  • Affordable option
  • Three colors to choose from
  • Leakproof and shockproof design
  • Trigger lock bar feature


  • Other nozzles have more spraying modes
  • Can’t adjust the water pressure

Best Solid Brass Nozzle — INNAV8 Brass Hose Nozzle

This product is the best spray nozzle for garden hose if you’re looking for a heavy-duty option. This no-frill nozzle uses brass to prevent corrosion.

Brass is an alloy that results from mixing copper and zinc. It can have a gold or silver appearance, and it’s a popular option for plumbing and fittings because it’s a soft metal that’s easy to work with. It also resists corrosion well and can last for decades with very little maintenance.

A brass hose nozzle is an excellent investment if you want a durable accessory or a heavy-duty nozzle for applications where you need more water pressure.

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This nozzle from INNAV8 is an excellent choice if you want to get your money’s worth. The price range is similar to the other products we discuss in our reviews, but this nozzle will last longer.

The only material is high-grade brass. There are no elements that will fail with time, and brass won’t corrode.

The nozzle measures approximately 7x4x3.” It’s a compact accessory that is easy to store, and it only weighs around four ounces. You can connect it by twisting it onto the end of your garden hose, and the leakproof design will create a secure connection.

You can twist the rings on the body of the nozzle to adjust the water flow and choose a spray pattern. One of the downsides of the no-frill design of the nozzle is that there are no labels for the different spray patterns.

This brass nozzle is an ideal option if you want a durable product, but there are other options to consider if you want features like an ergonomic grip or labeled controls.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable brass construction
  • Leakproof design
  • Adjust water flow and spray pattern


  • No labels for the different spray patterns
  • Design isn’t ergonomic

Best Budget Pick — Skytree Hose Nozzle 2 Pack

You can upgrade your garden hose on a budget with these nozzles. They feature a durable metal design and are easy to use. It’s one of the best values you can find since this two-pack is more affordable than some of the other options we recommend.

The nozzles feature a pistol-style design with a trigger you can squeeze to start watering and a lock bar to avoid fatigue. The L-shaped design makes it easy to direct the water flow.

Skytree uses a smart design with a brass valve and nut for durability. There are washers to prevent leaks and a durable spring for the trigger feature.

It’s easy to attach these nozzles to your garden hose. All you have to do is twist one of the nozzles on the end of your hose.

There are some cutouts to make the grip more comfortable, but keep in mind that these nozzles don’t have a rubber grip or a textured grip.

You will find a knob on the back of the nozzle to adjust the water flow. You can twist the ring around the nozzle to switch between the five different patterns, including soaping, spraying, lifting, stripping, and blast. These five patterns make the nozzles versatile and suitable for different uses like watering your lawn, misting leaves, washing your vehicle, and more.

We like the simple design of these nozzles and their affordable price tag. The main drawback is the lack of an ergonomic handle, and we suspect these nozzles might feel uncomfortable if you use them for a prolonged period of time.


  • Excellent value
  • Two-pack
  • Five different spray patterns
  • Lock bar for the trigger


  • No ergonomic grip
  • Small nozzle isn’t convenient for adjusting the spray pattern

Garden Hose Nozzle Buying Guide

Your choice should match your unique needs. Because most of the products we recommend are inexpensive, it might be best to invest in several hose nozzles, so you have the right accessory for different applications.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a garden hose nozzle.

Spray Pattern Options

The spray pattern determines the shape of the stream of water that come out of the nozzle. A nozzle with different spray patterns will be more versatile. Make sure it’s easy to switch between different patterns and that the nozzle you choose has a pattern for the different applications you will need.

Common spray patterns include:

  • Solid stream. A single stream of water is ideal if you want to concentrate a jet of water to a specific area. It’s a convenient option for cleaning since you can target areas with dirt buildups and use water pressure to wash them off.
  • Cone. Most garden hose nozzles come with a cone spray pattern that gets wider as it gets further away from the nozzle. Consider the size of the cone and whether it’s hollow or full.
  • Soaker. A soaker pattern is ideal for watering the ground and getting it to absorb a large quantity of water, for instance, to water a sapling.
  • Flat. A pattern with a flat triangular shape is convenient for watering an entire row of plants.
  • Shower and mist. These patterns start with a cone shape, but they fan out to spread water droplets over a large surface. A shower pattern will accommodate a heavier water flow, while a mist pattern is ideal for fragile plants or leaves.
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Your choice of garden hose nozzle should have different patterns as well as a feature that allows you to control the water flow so you can adjust the size of the droplets and water pressure.

Plastic vs. Metal Spray Nozzles

The material is an important consideration when choosing a garden hose nozzle. Here’s how plastic and metal hose nozzles compare.


How much are you willing to spend on a new nozzle for your garden hose? Your budget might determine the best material.

Plastic is more affordable, while metal nozzles tend to cost more money. However, the difference isn’t significant. Plastic would make more sense if you don’t plan on using the nozzle regularly and can’t justify spending more, but you might find that investing in a more durable metal nozzle is a better financial decision in the long-term.

Something else to look at would be a kit that includes all the pieces you need, you can check out the best expandable garden hose kits here.


Metal is the most durable option. All the garden hose nozzles we recommend use metals that resist corrosion, including zinc and brass. If you want to get a metal nozzle, look for a material that won’t corrode or rust easily.

Plastic is a durable material, but it can fade and crack if you leave it outside in the sun. Stepping on a plastic nozzle by accident could also damage it. However, plastic nozzles aren’t very expensive, and they’re easy to replace when they reach the end of their lifespan.

A metal nozzle won’t require a lot of maintenance. You might need to clean and wipe it once in a while, but you shouldn’t run into problems with the nozzle clogging. If you have hard water, calcium deposits can become an issue and damage a plastic nozzle in the long-term.


Plastic nozzles are lighter than their metal counterparts. A nozzle is a fairly small accessory, and a metal nozzle won’t add a lot of weight to your hose. A larger metal nozzle might result in fatigue if you have to hold it for hours at a time, but if it is used in conjunction with the best garden hose reel, it is much easier to use.


A bare metal handle isn’t going to feel very comfortable. If you want to get a metal nozzle, look for features like a rubber grip with an ergonomic shape and rubber elements that cover the controls.

Metal is a material that is highly conductive. It means that leaving your metal nozzle out in the sun can make it uncomfortably hot, and watering your lawn with cold water can make your metal nozzle feel cold to the touch. You won’t run into these potential drawbacks with a plastic nozzle.


The best garden hose nozzle should feature a durable design, a leakproof connection to your hose from your outdoor faucet, and different spray patterns to choose from.

We recommend the Green Mount Water Hose Nozzle if you want a pistol-style nozzle that is suitable for everyday use. We like the durable and lightweight plastic construction of this nozzle, and the lock bar feature eliminates any potential fatigue from squeezing the trigger.

If you want a more heavy-duty option, the INNAV8 Brass Hose Nozzle is your best bet. The no-frill design of this nozzle can be a drawback if you’re looking for a comfortable accessory, but we like the durable brass construction and the rings that allow you to adjust the water flow and spray pattern.