Henbit — The Purple Flower Weed

What Are The Weeds With Purple Flowers? Henbit, (happily named because hens love eating it!) is a fuzzy little lawn weed with purple flowers and green to purple square stems. Plants typically grow 5 to 11 inches tall and have heart-shaped leaves that are veiny on the underside. 

How To Prevent Erosion On A Hill — Gardening On A Slope

Slightly sloping ground is an advantage, for it can make a garden more interesting than if it were perfectly flat. Steep natural hillsides, however, as well as steep banks cut into the ground by the builder when levelling the site for the house, present a problem which involves thought, labor and, often, expensive construction. Some …

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How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

The pleasure of picking flowers as and when you like, far outweighs any extra trouble in growing them. Flowers grown in your garden will not drop their petals as easily as those bought and carried home. Pick flowers for their lasting qualities, selecting those with strong stems, good colour and adaptability.

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