Can You Compost Onions?

Organic compost is a healthy addition to your soil, plants, and vegetables. This type of organic matter composting process provides a good balance of nutrients to your plants without adding harmful chemicals. You can also add kitchen scraps to organic compost piles such as leftover fruit and vegetable skins, which leads to the big question. …

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Cardboard in Compost – How Long Does It Take To Decompose?

When it comes to composting, we’re all familiar with common composting materials to put in a compost pile like food waste/ingredients, other organic matter from your kitchen and garden, but there’s often confusion on whether cardboard material can be composted. The quick answer is yes. You can add layers of cardboard to your compost heap …

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Introduction To Composting — Make Your Own Compost

A garden is only as healthy as its soil. Regardless of a plant’s beauty or suitability to the garden, it’s success ultimately depends on the nourishing capability of the soil. Experienced gardeners have learned that the most important gardening work—building soil that is fertile, well-draining, and absorbent—takes place before anything is planted.