Introduction To Composting — Make Your Own Compost

A garden is only as healthy as its soil. Regardless of a plant’s beauty or suitability to the garden, it’s success ultimately depends on the nourishing capability of the soil. Experienced gardeners have learned that the most important gardening work—building soil that is fertile, well-draining, and absorbent—takes place before anything is planted.

Does Potting Soil Go Bad?

When it comes to gardening, potting soil is extremely important, especially if you are using raised beds or containers to grow your plants. Whether outdoors or indoors, you need good quality potting soil to make sure that your plants flourish. Your plants need proper nutrients and environment to grow and be healthy and potting soil is critical …

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Best Bagged Compost — Best Store Bought Compost and Buyers Guide

As we’re sure you already know, compost is a vital part of successful gardening.Compost helps us fine-tune the balance of specific nutrients and moisture, required by specific plants. It goes without saying then, that we actually need a variety of different composts….and there are many!See our buyer’s guide below for the different benefits of different …

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