Yard Tools

Mattock vs Pulaski

It may not sound like the prize fight of the century, but it is useful to know the difference between a Mattock tool and a Pulaski axe and which one is the best for the type of work you may be doing. Whether you’re clearing branches, digging ditches, digging out tree stumps, performing trail maintenance …

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Husqvarna 465 Rancher 28” vs 460 24”

When it comes to tackling the really demanding jobs such as working on very large trees then the experienced chainsaw user will inevitably turn to a model that can handle a longer blade, something like a 24 or 28-inch bar and chain. The Husqvarna 465 is certainly capable of handling a longer bar.

Best Dandelion Puller Removal Tool

Dandelions are a visual treat for young and old, and everyone in between. But don’t let these bright yellow flowers fool you, because these intruders can be a nightmare for your lawn. Dandelions are a class of plant known as broadleaf perennials, which can be daunting to remove from your lawn.