Best Thatch Rake For Dethatching

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As an avid gardener, you probably already know what thatch is, but to explain briefly it’s a layer of organic material that consists of the building up of dead grass clippings, and leaves. A good thatch rake can be used to remove this thatch layer.

The growth of thatch in your lawn can be beneficial when the layer measures a 1/4 inch or less, because it can help the soil retain moisture, and maintain a steady temperature. 

But a layer of thatch that’s more than 1/4 inch can be harmful to your lawn because it’s too thick and prevents moisture from getting to your soil. This is why it’s highly important to check how much thatch you have before initiating the process.

Thatch buildup can threaten your soil health, kill grass, and serve as a breeding ground for pests and lawn diseases. 

There are several benefits of dethatching your lawn with lawn dethatching rakes, including improving root growth and drainage, clear dead grass clippings, allowing nutrients, air, and water to penetrate the soil, and promoting overall healthy grass growth that can ward off pests and diseases. 

Although there is an endless choice of lawn dethatching rakes and tools to dethatch your lawn, including tow behind power rakes, a thatching rake is perhaps one of the easiest, efficient, and cost-effective ways of clearing the layer of thatch from your lawn. 

Buying a thatch rake is easy for the most part, given that these are simple tools that come with teeth at the bottom, and some with premium fiberglass handles. However, we’ve rounded off on 4 best thatch rakes at an affordable price tag to save you time in researching the market. 

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Best Lawn Dethatching Rakes

1. Bully Tools Thatch Rake — Best 16 inch 

Made in the USA, the Bully Tools manual dethatcher is a great choice for removing the thatch layer of dead grass roots and keeping your grass healthy. 

It is crafted from extra-thick commercial-grade steel and is topped with a sturdy and comfortable fiberglass handle. 

The fiberglass handle makes this tine rake dethatcher lightweight, and a joy to use even for longer periods. 

This dethatcher features a 16-tine 10-gauge steel head, making this thatching rake a great option for hard-to-remove thatch. 

It features extended-length ferrules complete with welded I-beam supports, which collectively enhance the durability quotient of this dethatcher rake. 

This all-purpose lawn rake is a high-quality tool to have in your arsenal and is backed by a limited warranty against any manufacturer defects. 


  • Made from extra-thick commercial grade steel
  • Dethatching rake with fiberglass handle 
  • A productive tool with a 16 stainless steel tines
  • Extended-length ferrules on rake head
  • Limited manufacturer warranty 


  • It’s an effective tool but maybe a bit heavy for older users 

2. AMES 2915100 Adjustable Self-Cleaning Thatch Rake — Best 15-Inch

For a dethatching rake that’s fitted with shape and durable curved steel teeth, the AMES 2915100 is an excellent choice. 

It features a 10-inch cushioned grip at its tip for extra comfort and control, and a 15-inch self-cleaning rake head. The AMES2915100 can be used for long periods of time without causing strain on your hands, and is a great, affordable alternative to electric dethatchers. 

Adding to this, the AMES is one of the few thatch rake models with curved tines to come with a solid 54-inch hardwood handle. This handy tool tips the scales at just 4.5 lbs, making it easy to use for young and old. 

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  • 15-inch self cleaning dethatcher 
  • Solid hardwood handle for strength and durability 
  • 10-inch cushioned grip for added comfort 
  • 19 finely-honed teeth great for dead grass roots 
  • Light weight at 4.5 lbs 


  • Can’t be used as a garden rake or leaf rake

3. True Temper Garden Rake 

The True Temper thatching rake is one of the most important items and a great tool to have in your gardening toolkit, and comes with a 15-inch head. It’s is not a power rake, so there’s no pesky wires or an extension cord to deal with.

The head of this thatching rake is fitted with curved teeth that can be used to cultivate soil, and prevent putting your grass to death. 

This thatching rake does help remove dead grass from lawn allowing you to experience new healthy growth. The True Temper 2914000 item model also features straight steel teeth to remove thatch from lawns and is equipped with a large and sturdy 54-inch hardwood handle for superior strength and durability. 

To top things off, the True Temper thatch manual rake comes with a cushioned end grip that prevents fatigue, so you can use the tool for longer periods with ease. 


  • Lightweight dethatching rake at 4.5 lbs
  • Two rows – curved teeth and straight teeth 
  • 54-inch hardwood handle 
  • Cushioned end rubber grip
  • 15-inch head 


  • Rake is very sharp (use carefully)

4. Gardena 3395 Combisystem Thatching Cutter Head — Best Wheeled Rake

The Gardena wheeled rake is designed to remove moss, weeds, and matted grass from your lawn. It features solid tines complete with smooth sliding backs made from superior grade spring steel.

Adding to this, the Gardena wheeled rake comes with high-quality wheels, which collectively provide great traction in uneven and rugged lawn areas. 

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It is backed by one-year parts and labor warranty, so you can rest assured it will serve you well for many years to come. 


  • Weighs just 1.65 lbs 
  • Heavy-duty supporting axle and wheels 
  • Special tines with sliding backs 
  • Made from high-grade stainless steel 


  • Doesn’t come with handle
  • Can’t be attached to a riding mower with a universal hitch, so no tow behind capability

Thatch Rake Buying Guide 

There are a few important factors to consider when shopping for the best thatch rake, most notably:

Durable build

The thatch rake you choose should showcase durable build quality to live up to the task. Check if the handles and tines are durable, as well as if the head attaches well to the handle. 

Length of handle 

Using a thatch rake is a great way to give your body a good workout, and also a way to injure yourself when you buy a rake with the wrong size handle. 

If you’re taller, buying a thatch rake with a long handle is your best bet to prevent stiffness and injury. 

Rake head width

The wider the thatch tool head, the more thatch you will be able to remove with each pass. But a wider head could also mean a heavier tool to work with, so consider your strength when deciding on the right size head. 

Final Thoughts

Dethatching your lawn is a task that ideally needs to be done once a year, typically at the beginning of the growing period. However, before you employ your new thatch rake, and begin dethatching your lawn, check the amount of thatch build-up, because you don’t need to dethatch if the layer is less than half an inch.