House Plants

Moss Pole For Plants

You know how, in the wild, vining plants with aerial roots grow upwards, climbing along nearby trees and other larger, sturdy plants? The texture of tree bark being so rough, makes for the perfect surface for epiphytic plants to get a proper grip to attach themselves and continue to climb vertically.

Putting Rocks On Top Of Potted Plants

Have you ever wondered why some plant owners and cultivars add a selection of rocks to the top of their plant pots? Putting rocks on top of potted plants has not only shown to be beneficial to your greens but also adds a lovely modern look to indoor houseplants and even outdoor garden plants.

Purple Houseplants

As a fellow plant lover, you’ll know that adding plants with colorful foliage to your home brings joy and a beautiful decorative effect to your interior design. Plants that are bought from nurseries commonly come in all sorts of green foliage shades. Have you ever considered adding some purple indoor plants to your plant collection?