Black and Decker LE760 Edger Review

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A lawn edger/trencher is a handy tool to have in your gardening arsenal, and is designed to give you the best of both worlds — trim the grass on the very edge of your lawn, and cut trenches, so that you can mow along the edge to prevent damage to your mower caused by rocks or bricks.

Many homeowners, especially those who already own an edger often use it as a trencher too. But using an edger as a trencher does not offer the same operational efficiency, because the depth will be limited, resulting in a longer time to dig trenches.

The Black & Decker LE 760 edger and trencher combo is a highly efficient tool in its segment, and allows you to complete both tasks without breaking a sweat. Plus, it comes with a rich set of features, which we aim to highlight in this Black & Decker LE 760 lawn edger review.

Who is the Black & Decker LE 760 For?

The Black & Decker LE 760 edger and trencher combo is geared towards both novice and seasoned gardeners, and allows you to perform two essential gardening tasks with a single tool.

Having one tool for two different tasks not only saves you precious space in your gardening tool kit, but also saves you a fair bit of cash from buying two tools separately. The Black & Decker LE 760 edger is designed to help you make neat edges around your lawn and garden beds, and prevent any type of grass from overgrowing into nearby driveways or walkways.

When used as a trencher, the Black & Decker LE 760 helps you dig trenches — a daunting task to say the least when done by hand. Digging trenches in your lawn not only prevents damage from edge rocks and other hard objects, but also allows you to install lawn equipment such as sprinklers, outdoor lighting and pumps.

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Design of the Black & Decker LE 760 Landscape Trencher

The Black & Decker LE 760 boasts a sleek design, and arrives in an appealing black finish, topped with orange highlights. Even though it’s two tools in one, the LE 760 tips the scales at just 14.5 lbs, making it easy to use and maneuver for young and old.

Adding to this, it measures 23 inches (0.58 m) × 10 inches (25.4 cm) × 12 inches (30.48 cm), and is made from high quality plastic, so you can rest assured it will last you for several years to come with proper care.

Built in Cord Retention

The Black & Decker LE 760 edger comes with a rather long power cord, and features an onsite cord retention system, which keeps the extension cord in the tool itself after use. It comes with everything you need to get started right out of the box, and is easy to assemble without any tools.

Performance of the Black & Decker LE 760 Landscape Edger and Trencher

In terms of performance, the Black & Decker lawn edger doesn’t disappoint with its onboard 12-amp high torque motor. The unmatched power of this motor allows you to trim overgrowth, and carve well-defined trenches with little or no effort.

Speaking of cutting, the Black & Decker edge hog is equipped with a super-sharp 7.5 inch (19.05 cm) hardened steel blade, so you’re guaranteed of smooth, perfect cuts each time you use the tool.

But that’s not all, the box also includes an extra edge hog eb-007 replacement blade in case the first one goes dull, and saves you the cash of buying one separately. This edge hog blade comes factory sharpened, and features a wear indicator, so you know exactly when to replace it.

With regard to the blade, it can be adjusted via three positions, giving you optimal control over the cuts you make. The Black & Decker LE760 comes with an exclusive pull-up edge guide, which transforms the tool from edger mode to trencher within seconds.

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Changing the position of the edge guide is easy, where you first wait for the blade to come to a complete stop, unplug the Black & Decker LE760, pull the edge guide sideways to unlock it from the ground tab, turn the tool on, and then create trenches to your hearts content!

What’s in the Box of the Black & Decker LE760?

  • LE 760 Edger/Trencher
  • Edger blade with nut, conical washer and spacer system
  • Handle tube bolts and knobs
  • Auxiliary handle, with bolt and knob
  • Spare LE750 Edge Hog blade

How to Assemble the LE760 Lawn Edger

The handle is the first component you will have to assemble after receiving the Black & Decker LE760 edger and trencher. To assemble the tubes of the handle, you first have to unscrew the knobs and curved head bolts located in the tube mounting holes of the handle.

Next, you will notice a tape that’s used to secure the internal jacketed cable to the tubes, so go ahead and remove it. This next step may be a bit challenging, but entails sliding the middle tube into the upper tube, and securing both the handle tubes together with the knob and curved head bolt.

Lastly, push the jacketed cable under the lower tube to get rid of the slack, and then slide the middle tube into the lower tube by locating the bump, and groove. Secure the hand tubes together with the curved head bolt, and remaining knobs.

Black & Decker LE760 Maintenance

It is important to pay attention to the following maintenance tips to ensure long service life of the Black & Decker LE760. First things first, you should try to clean the tool regularly, preferably after each use, and with mild soap, and damp cloth.

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Do not use a soaking wet cloth, because doing so will allow water to seep into the Black & Decker LE760 edger. Adding to this, you should never immerse any part of the Black & Decker LE760 edger/trencher into liquid.

The blade of the Black and Decker LE760 edger will wear out aka go dull after a period of use. You can replace the blade immediately with the replacement in the box or choose to sharpen the blade with a blade sharpener. If you’ve used the replacement blade, you can buy another one for a nominal price.

Before storing the Black and Decker LE760 edger/trencher, make sure it is unplugged, and is clean from any debris on the exterior of the tool, and inside the guard.

To prevent corrosion of the metal parts of this easy to use edger, try to avoid using the tool in areas where organic lawn fertilizers and chemicals are used, as it can cause and accelerate corrosion.

If you do mistakenly use the tool in areas with fertilizers and chemicals, be sure to wipe if down with a wet cloth immediately. The parts of the Black and Decker LE760 edger/trencher may have to be lubricated every so often for smooth performance, which you can do with a light petroleum-based oil.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re looking for edging and trenching capabilities in a single tool, the Black and Decker LE760 edger/trencher is truly hard to beat. It comes factory equipped with a powerful motor, which allows you to complete both tasks seamlessly.

Further, it comes with a razor sharp with a razor sharp 7.5-inch hardened steel blade, and an extra replacement blade in the box in case the first one fails to provide clean cuts. It also features a pull-up edge guide, which transforms the tool from an edger to a trencher on the fly.