Oregon CS1400 vs CS1500 — Which Oregon Electric Chainsaw?

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Founded in 1947, Oregon Tool, Inc is an American based company that manufactures electric chainsaws, gas powered chainsaws, and boasts a massive portfolio of lawn, garden and forestry tools.

The company is billed as the #1 company in the chainsaw space, and currently offers three corded chainsaw models to choose from — CS1200, CS1400, and CS1500.

The Oregon CS1200 electric chainsaw is the company’s basic, budget-friendly model that does come with a modest set of features such as a 12-amp brushed motor, and a 16” (40 cm) low kickback chain.

But if you’re looking for superior power, low noise operation, and an electric chainsaw that delivers top-notch performance, the CS1400 and CS1500 are worth a second look.

So, without further, here’s a detailed comparison between the Oregon CS1400 and CS1500 electric chainsaws to ease your buying decision.

What Should You Choose the Oregon CS1400 or CS1500 Chainsaw?

Unlike gas chainsaws, the Oregon CS1400 and CS1500 come with an instant start system that allows you to get to work immediately after startup, so you won’t have to deal with pull cords, bad spark plugs or gas-oil mix ratios, as you do with gas models.

Under their hoods, both the CS1400 and CS1500 electric chainsaws provide oomphs of power, so you can cut more in less time.

Adding to this, these chainsaw models are easy to use and maintain, without the need for special tools to tension these chainsaw chains (CS1500).

These highly reliable chainsaw models provide unmatched power, durability, and efficiency, and will serve you well for years to come with proper care.

Oregon CS1400 vs. Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw


The CS1400 electric chainsaw tips the scales at a little over 15 lbs, and the Oregon CS1500 is a little heavier at 17 lbs.

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Furthermore, the CS1400 chainsaw is fitted with a smaller front handle and front hand guard than the Oregon CS1500 electric chainsaw.

The Oregon CS1500 chainsaw is equipped with a sharpening stone for its self sharpening feature, but is not available with the CS1400 electric chainsaw. Adding to this, the CS1500 chainsaw features a POWERSHARP technology lever, which is missing on the Oregon CS1500 electric chainsaw.

Incidentally, Oregon was the first, and only manufacturer to include a self sharpening electric chainsaws in their range.

With regard to the rear, both the CS1400 and CS1500 chainsaws come with a handy strain relief support, which prevents strain on your hands when working across longer periods. Additionally, with both tools, you get a guidebar cover, trigger lock-out (rear), and a side cover.


Both the CS1400 and CS1500 electric chainsaws feature low-noise operation, so you probably won’t wake up your neighbors when making cuts in the wee hours of the morning.

Adding to this, both chainsaw models are powered by a robust 12-amp motor that offers 1800 watts of power behind each cut.

The chain of the CS1400 and the powersharp chain of the CS1500 electric chainsaw bar is properly oiled, thanks to their integrated Lubri-Tec oiling system. This system great reduces the friction of the chain, and increases the chainsaw’s runtime.

However, one of the key differences between the two models is that the guidebar (chainsaw blade) of the CS1400 chainsaw measures 16-inches, which is smaller than the longer 18-inch bar of the CS1500 chainsaw.

The Oregon CS1400 chain saw offers an 15 inch effective cutting length, and the CS1500 chainsaw provides a 17 inch cutting length

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The size of the chainsaw blades dictates what tasks the respective chainsaw models can perform. This means that the Oregon CS1400 corded electric chainsaw is an ideal choice for minor gardening and DIY tasks, and the CS1500 corded chainsaw is suitable for large-scale, high-power work.

With the Oregon CS1400, you will need a chain sharpener to sharpen a dull chain, but the CS1500 is one of the few corded chainsaws on the market that comes with a chain that sharpens itself.

Ease of Use

Both the CS1400 and CS1500 chainsaws are a joy to use, but the CS1400 doesn’t come with an inbuilt chain tensioner, but the CS1500 comes with a tool-less chain tensioner system that as the name suggests allows you to carry out toolless tension adjustment by turning the convenient red knob.


The CS1400 oregon chainsaw model is easy to assemble, where all you have to do it put the tensioner on the guide bar, and then the bar and the chain on the chainsaw, taking care to ensure that the chain is running in the right direction, as per the instructions for the saw.

However, the CS1500 best electric chainsaw comes fully assembled right out of the box, so all you have to do is connect the electric saw with a power outlet, and you’re ready to make cuts.

Safety Features of Oregon Electric Chainsaws

In terms of safety, the CS1400 and CS1500 chainsaws don’t disappoint with their onboard chain brakes, which improves the safe use of the tools in several ways.

It serves as a hand guard to protect your hands from being slapped by tree branches, prevents you from accidentally getting cut when activated between cuts, and engages automatically in the event of a sudden kickback.

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CS1400 and CS1500 Electric Chainsaw Reviews

The CS1400 and CS1500 chainsaws have received raving chainsaw reviews from customers across the globe. They are highly rated compared to a battery powered chainsaw or gas powered chainsaws, most owing the CS1500’s powersharp chain and self sharpening system.

Final Verdict

Oregon’s chainsaws are some of the best tools you can get in the market, and the CS1400 and CS1500 are quite simply two great additions to the company’s product portfolio.

Choosing between the two truly boils down to your needs, and, of course, budget. If you want a corded chainsaw with an ergonomic design, for minor DIY tasks such as cutting a rick of firewood or trimming pine branches for firewood, then the CS1400 is a great option.

But, if you’re looking for a chainsaw to make large cuts, you really can’t go wrong with the CS1500 chainsaw.

Both models come with an automatic oiler, and a chain brake for enhanced safety, but the CS1500 models steps it up a few notches with its built-in powersharp chain sharpening system.

Plus, the CS1500 chainsaw arrives fully assembled at your doorstep, but some easy assembly is required with the CS1400 chainsaw.

The CS1400 and CS1500 are low vibration and low-noise models, and the biggest difference is in their guide bar length. They are light-weight, making them easy to control and use, and are CARB compliant, so they meet current emission standards. We would say that the CS1500 is the best Oregon electric chainsaw out of these two models.