Best Manual Pole Saws And Tree Trimmers

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If you have trees in your yard with branches higher than you can reach and you don’t fancy spending your hard-earned cash on the services of a professional tree surgeon, then you need to invest in the right tool to do it yourself.

There are several types of pole saw available these days, all of which we cover in our Buyer’s Guide later in this article….but for now we’ll concentrate on manual pole pruners.

In a hurry?

Then here’s the Bovees arborist’s top three best hand pole saw choices at a glance….

Best Professional
Corona TP 4216 DualLink Tree Saw 16 Ft
Best Budget
LS-Series Hollow Core Landscaping Tree Trimming Kit
Best Heavy Duty
Notch 18’ Pole Saw Set with 15” Blade - Yellow (40207)
Corona 16 Foot
Jameson Landscaper
Notch 18 Foot
Best Professional
Corona TP 4216 DualLink Tree Saw 16 Ft
Corona 16 Foot
Best Budget
LS-Series Hollow Core Landscaping Tree Trimming Kit
Jameson Landscaper
Best Heavy Duty
Notch 18’ Pole Saw Set with 15” Blade - Yellow (40207)
Notch 18 Foot

Just as the name would suggest, a pole saw is basically a saw that attaches to a pole, and can be used to prune, cut, fell and trim branches up to a certain height.

To cut tree branches above your head can be a daunting, not to say dangerous, task, so with that in mind The Bovees Arborists have been especially assiduous when researching the best manual pole saw selection on the market.

They’ve narrowed it down to the three best manual pole saws that they believe make the cut. (Sorry! Couldn’t resist…)

Bovees Top Three of the Best Manual Pole Saws

1. Corona TP 4216 DualLINK Tree Saw 16ft

– Bovees Best Professional

The Corona Cipper extendable pole saw is available in several sizes from 10 feet (3.05 m) up to 16 feet (4.88 m).

The model we have selected here is the 16 foot model.

Corona TP 4216 DualLink Tree Saw 16 Ft

All models are made up of two lengths of lightweight hollow high-strength fiberglass pole sections, one sliding inside the other, as opposed to other models with multiple poles; generally three poles, the tallest pole having the default scissor tip attached to it.

There are several advantages to a telescopic pole, as opposed to extension poles, which make the Corona DualLINK better than other manual pole saws, including added strength.

The DualLINK head has two features; a saw blade for use on branches up to 8” thick and an anvil pruner for quickly lopping small branches up to 1” thick.

It is fitted with a double link action pulley system, which basically enhances the leverage of the pruning mechanism, resulting in three times more power for easy cutting of branches up to 1” thick.

Further, the pruning blade is coated with a non-stick material, and is completely heat treated, so you can prune even the densest dogwood branches without any hiccups.

To top things off, the Corona TP4216 comes with an inner pole stop, which enhances the overall safety of the tool during use.

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  • Dual-purpose sawing & pruning — gets the job done quicker
  • Power boosting lever pulley system for 3x power — easier on your arms!
  • Inner pole stop — advanced safety
  • Comfortable 28” foam grip — easy on your hands
  • Telescopic pole for total maximum 16′ long pole (shorter sizes also available)
  • Blade length — 13 inches (33.02 cm)


  • Rope may occasionally not retract easily on a fully extended pole.

2. Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit

 Bovees Best Budget

The Jameson manual pole saw is a three-pole system that allows you to reach varying heights without a ladder. It is equipped with a low-profile head, which is easy to control and maneuver through dense shrubs and bushes, very handy when pruning the rhododendrons.

Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit with 3 Poles, Each Measuring 6 Feet Long

The hollow core fiberglass poles come with premium quality aluminum ferrules/joints, and a locking button on the exterior to lock the pole to your desired length.

Adding to this, the Jameson manual saw comes with a large 16-inch barracuda style tri-cut blade, which is extremely sharp, so you can expect quick and clean cuts each time.

The saw blade is permanently mounted on the end of one of the six-foot poles, so if you need it any longer then you just need to attach one or two of the other poles giving you a total possible reach of 18-feet, and get chopping.


  • 3-piece system for a maximum reach of 18-feet
  • 16-inch sharp barracuda tri-cut blade
  • High Carbon Steel Blade permanently mounted on 6-foot pole
  • Low-profile head
  • Premium quality aluminum ferrules with locking buttons
  • Weighs only 8 pounds (3.63 kg)


  • No Pruning function

3. Notch 18’ Pole Saw Set with 15” Blade

– Bovees best

Bovees Best Heavy Duty Arborist Pole Saw

The Notch manual pole saw set comes with high quality interlocking fiberglass poles, which were designed through consultations with professional tree maintenance providers in the United States.

It is fitted with a 15-inch blade, so slightly shorter than our #1 pick, the Corona model, but still it is made from impulse hardened premium carbon steel with a tough chrome plate finish to protect from corrosion and to give a smoother cut, even when sawing through tough branches and thicker branches.

Notch 18’ Pole Saw Set with 15” Blade

It also features impulse hardened tri-edge teeth and a fast pull tooth cutting design.

Pole Length — 18 Feet

For a solid manual pole saw that doesn’t disappoint during use, the Notch pole saw is definitely worth a second look.


  • 3 interlocking fiberglass poles for total 18′ height
  • 15-inch sharp edge blade
  • Pull tooth design and rust resistant chrome plating
  • Robust construction


  • No pruning function
  • Weighs 8.4lbs — slightly heavier than the Jameson
  • Slightly more expensive than the Jameson

Manual Pole Saw Buying Guide — How to Choose a Pole Saw

Just like most other gardening tools, there are several types of manual pole saws available, and knowing the different types available will help you choose the best manual pole for your personal needs.

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Types of Pole Saws

Gas Powered

If you’d like a surge of power for your cutting tasks, then a gas-powered pole saw is a great option. They are a great choice for professional users, and are available in many sizes,

Gas powered pole saws are powered by 2-cycle engines, and, just like conventional chainsaws, run on a mixture of gas and oil—typically at a ratio of 40:1 or 50:1.

Even though gas-powered pole saws are extremely powerful tools, on the flip side they require a fair amount of maintenance for great performance and durability.

Added to this, gas powered pole saws are heavier than their electric and manual counterparts, but on a brighter note, they can certainly cut through thicker limbs more quickly.

They also cost a bit more than the other types, but if you need to cut through dense branches, and can carry around a heavy tool, then a gas-powered pole saw is a go-to choice.

Electric (corded) Pole Saw 

If you’re only going to use your pole saw occasionally or have a small yard, then you may want to consider buying an electric pole saw.

Electric pole saws are easy to start, and are fitted with blades that measure six and ten inches. Additionally, they are powered by six to eight amp motors, but using an electric pole saw means that you have to haul it around an electric power cord.

Battery (cordless) Pole Saw

This range of pole saws are powered by lithium or Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries, and require little or no maintenance compared to a gas pole.

Once fully charged, they can be used for a certain amount of time, which is long enough to complete a fair amount of cutting in an average sized yard.

Why Choose a Manual Pole Pruner?

There are several good reasons to choose a manual pole saw over any of the other types of pole saws mentioned on this list.

  • More affordable
  • Lighter in weight
  • Less Cumbersome
Available in longer lengths (up to 21 feet (6.4 meters))

The Most Important Features to consider

The Pole Material

Most of the best manual pole saws come with fiberglass pole sections—a material that is lightweight yet tough and durable.

The Pole Length

Your choice of pole length should be dictated by the height of the trees or shrubs that you need to cut.

The Blade Material

Look for a manual pole saw that comes with a strong blade, but remember all blades do get dull after a period of use, and will need to be sharpened.

The Blade Length

Your choice of blade length should be dictated by the thickness of the branches you need to cut.

Health & Safety Considerations When Using a Pole Saw Pruner.

Trimming trees has several potential hazards associated with it due to several different factors.

The tools required to do the job need to be sharp and sturdy, and the job itself can entail having to get into some relatively precarious situations.

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For these reasons there are quite a few health and safety points that are worth bearing in mind to protect yourself.

Wear Safety Gear

Safety gloves are a no-brainer considering the sharpness of the blade that you are working with. Plus, you don’t want a sudden pinch or friction burn to catch you off guard and risk dropping the pole pruner/pole saw. Not to mention the potential for incurring blisters.

safety helmet is always a good idea when working in any situation where something is going on above your head. No matter how sure you can be about the actual branch that you are severing, there is also the chance that when that branch falls, it could bring down another branch that you hadn’t realized could be affected.

Location Location Location

It is extremely important to thoroughly survey the area in which you are going to be working, ahead of time, to consider things like; overhead power cables in the vicinity of a tree branch, buildings that could be damaged when cutting branches, where you are going to put the cut branches so that they are not blocking thoroughfares and causing inconvenience to other people.

Maintenance of Your Equipment

If you haven’t used your equipment for a while then it is a good idea to go over it carefully first, before trimming branches, even if they are only thin branches, to check that it is in good working order. This could include; lubricating any spring-loaded locking button or other locking system, likewise the pruning head, and if you have an extendable tree pruner, then the joints as well.

Maximum Cutting Capacity

Know what your tool is capable of. It’s a good idea to test out the tool first on a log on the ground so that you are not over ambitious when you’ve got your pole saw waving about over your head.

Maximum Physical Capabilities

As well as not overestimating the pole saw itself, make sure that you don’t over estimate your own capabilities either.

Test your strength first by slowly lifting the pole up at full extension to determine the maximum height at which you can hold it steady.

Extended Period of Use

Take regular breaks to give your body time to recover in between.

With the pole overhead it is dangerous if your muscles suddenly can’t handle the weight anymore.

Final Thoughts On The Best Manual Pole Saw

A manual pole saw is a handy tool to have in your gardening toolkit, and is designed to allow you to keep your shrubs and trees trimmed appropriately without having to use a ladder or scaffolding.

When shopping for the best manual pole saw, you will be spoiled for choice, but the tools on this list have been cherry-picked by The Bovees Arborist’s, based on their versatility, functionality and overall performance.