What Is the Best Grass for Clay Soil?

Growing and maintaining healthy, beautiful grass in clay soil requires different methods and measures than in typical, sandy soil. Firstly, you’ll need different soil preparation, watering habits and specific grass seed. Overall, growing healthy grass in clay soil isn’t difficult when you nail these factors.

When To Use Milorganite on Your Lawn for Best Results

Milorganite fertilizer is a unique, organic fertilizer that is, believe it or not, the byproduct of a sewage treatment plant operated by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District. The plant takes wastewater, separates the clean water, and puts it back in Lake Michigan. What’s left is what makes Milorganite Fertilizer.

Scotts vs. Pennington: Product-by-Product Comparison

When you get started with lawn care, it can be tough to understand exactly what you need to do to keep your yard healthy. What you’ll quickly notice is that two companies are always present, whether you’re looking at grass seed or fertilizers. But when it comes to Pennington vs. Scotts, which one is best?