Best Backpack Blower Rack — Secure Storage For Trailer And Garage

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You are obviously already familiar with the benefits of having a backpack blower…

But I’m guessing, by the fact that you are reading this article, you have more than once asked yourself…

How do I store the damn thing?

Because storing a backpack blower can be a bit of a pain right?

…That is, if you haven’t got the right piece of kit!

For one, the blower pipe on a backpack blower can be very cumbersome, while at the same time being reasonably fragile, so getting dumped in a corner of your garage, where it could easily get stomped on, is not ideal.

Plus, if you are in the landscaping or lawn maintenance business and out and about with an essential piece of kit, such as a backpack blower, which cost you more than a couple of hundred dollars, there is the added risk of theft.

Although a backpack blower rack is not the most sought after item on Google, there are, nevertheless a surprising number of makes and models of backpack blower racks to make choosing one a bit of a mission.

So, to make your life easier, the Bovees Research team have done the legwork for you and narrowed their findings down to just two models of backpack blower rack.

The Green Touch BPS100C backpack blower rack is the absolute bees knees…. and at the other end of the scale, the Buyer’s LT20 is an excellent value, budget model.

BOTH are suitable for mounting either on a garage/workshop wall, or on a covered/uncovered trailer.

1. Green Touch BPS100C-Camo Series Xtreme Pro Series Backpack Blower Rack

Bovees Best Overall # 1

Produced by one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry, this backpack blower rack is a fine example of why are so well respected.

Every angle of the BPS100C has been thought through carefully to ensure it delivers everything that you would want a back pack blower bracket to deliver.

Firstly, it has been designed specifically so that it fits any make or model of backpack blower including Stihl, Husqvarna, Greenworks etc… so if, at some stage in the future, you decided to upgrade or replace your blower, then you won’t need to splash out on a new bracket as well.

Likewise, the versatility of the design means that it can be mounted either on a wall in your garage or storeroom, on the inside of the canopy of your closed in trailer, or on the railings of both open and enclosed trailers and also includes a blower tube holder.

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Strength is always important when it comes to outdoor tools and their accessories, all of which, by their nature can take a bit of a beating.

Not such a concern if it’s only you using the item, but if you’re employing other people, then human nature dictates that they will not take as much care of your equipment as you do yourself.

Bearing this in mind the BPS100C backpack blower rack is made of 100% steel except for the locking handle which is made of aluminum for ease of use.

Aware of the knocks and chips that it will need to withstand, no expense has been spared in the coating.

Once the blower rack has been cut, via laser cutter, it is then bent, rolled, and sent off to an e-coating factory to be dipped. Once this process has been completed, it is sent off for a powder coat.

Each rack features a double layer of powder coating and then is finished with an automotive clearcoat.

After this step, the locking system handle and about 60% of the securing bars are dipped with a vinyl coating and baked to give an even tougher finish.

For even further protection, the base of the bracket is fitted with a dual purpose rubber mat.

This mat both minimizes damage to your backpack blower during transit, while also protecting the bracket itself from damage to the powder coated finish which could lead to rust and shorten the life of the bracket.

The securing bar is a unique patented design, preventing theft and offering the best security on the market for your backpack blower.

For further security and peace of mind, the BPS100C backpack blower rack is also fitted with a neat, keyed lock, featuring a patented spring-loaded bushing.

The lock itself can even be changed out for your own individual security, for instance, if you use a master key system.

For convenience, the unit comes with all the fittings you will require to install the bracket straight out of the box, whether mounted on the wall of a building or mobile workshop

So there’s no last minute trips to the hardware store to find the right sized screws etc.!

If you’re a commercial buyer then the smart, neon green, camouflage livery is sure to attract attention as you drive from job to job- why miss an advertising opportunity!

Such is the effort and commitment put in by the manufacturer that they are confident enough to offer a six-month warranty period, which is more than enough time for any manufacturing defects to make themselves apparent.

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Mind you, it has to be said that there seem to be very few complaints as to the integrity of the unit and going by the detailed specifications that is not a surprise…

This backpack blower bracket is in a class of its own and is pretty much guaranteed not to disappoint……


  • Fits ALL makes of backpack blowers — Saves you money if you upgrade to a different make.
  • Suitable for Wall mounting
  • Suitable for mounting in Closed trailers — Saves you money if you change trailers
  • Suitable for mounting on Open trailers — Ditto
  • Rack height 24 inches (0.61 m)
  • 100% Steel — peace of mind that the product will last
  • Powder coated finish — Rust proof for a longer life
  • Attractive camouflage design accentuated with bright green base color — Stands out in a crowd!
  • Vinyl-coated security bars and handle — For increased protection in the most vulnerable area.
  • Rubber base mat — Extends the life of your blower by reducing vibration damage during transit
  • Stainless Steel Keyed Lock — Reduces maintenance & ensures long term anti-theft protection
  • All fitting hardware included — Installation straight out of the box — No faffing to find fixings
  • Six month warranty — For your peace of mind.


  • A bit on the pricey side — but then you get what you pay for in terms of quality!
  • The ‘camo’ livery, may not appeal if you prefer not to stand out in the crowd.
  • No blower tube holder

2. Buyers LT20 Backpack Blowers Landscape Truck & Trailer Rack

Bovees Best Budget Buy

Obviously not in the same league as our # 1 pick, the Green Touch BPS100C, still LT20 could be all you actually need.

In particular, if you are just looking for a neat, out of the way, method of storing your back pack blower on the wall of your garage or tool shed.

Likewise, if you are starting up a landscaping business on a tight post-covid budget then this basic bracket will certainly do the job for you in the short to medium term and can be mounted on both enclosed or open style trailers.

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The backpack blower is secured by hooking the handle of the blower through the easy-to-use spring latch hook of the bracket and then passing the expandable bungee cord around the main body of the backpack blower and locating it on the other side of the bracket.

The frame is made of black powder-coated steel to resist rust & corrosion, maintaining strength for season after season.

There are also holes drilled in the latch to facilitate a padlock for security, although no padlock is included with the bracket.

Compared to other similar products in the same price bracket, this backpack blower bracket comes highly rated with 4.5 stars and 441 reviews on Amazon.

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  • Fits ALL makes of backpack blower
  • Suitable for mounting backpack blower onto Walls, Open Trailers & Closed Trailers
  • Made of Black Powder Coated Carbon Steel
  • Facility for adding padlock for security
  • Mounting hardware included for easy assembly.
  • Weight 9.14 lbs.


  • Rubber bungee strap not really up to the job and definitely not long-lasting
  • Padlock not included
  • No base for stability — high risk of damage to the backpack blower if used a lot in transit
  • Lacks the facility to secure the blower tube of the backpack blower


Backpack blowers are an essential piece of kit if you have any kind of volume of garden debris to deal with and especially if you have a landscaping business.

But as with all decent equipment, they don’t come cheap, so you want to look after them properly and that’s why it makes sense to invest in a properly designed well-made storage bracket.

We hope that the results of our investigations and analysis have helped you make the best investment for your individual needs.

Remember — At Bovees we have YOUR back…

Other Bovees Recommended Storage Racks…….

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….seeing as you’re in the process of organising your gardening kit!

Buyer’s LT35 Six Tool Truck & Trailer Rack

Buyers Products LT35 Vertical Hand Rack for Enclosed Landscaping Truck Trailers & Garage or Shed Walls Holds 6 Tools for Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Heavy Duty Steel, 1 Pack, Black

Buyer’s LT40 Trimmer Line Spool Bracket

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