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Today’s grow lights are not the same as what they used to be around five decades ago when HID grow lights took center stage. LED lights have received a surge of appeal lately for several good reasons, most notably their incredible yields and low energy costs, making them a viable option to the once considered cutting edge MH (Metal Halide) lights.

When on the shopping trail for the best LED lights, you will be spoilt for choice, given the myriad options/brands available. But Viparspectra – a company conceived in 2016 has quickly risen to become a top player the LED grow light segment, and here’s why!

  • Great build quality
  • Highly affordable
  • Warranty policy

Viparspectra bills itself as a “Professional LED Grow Light Brand in the World”, and that sounds about right, most notably for the company’s massive portfolio of class leading products. Viparspectra products feature the latest LED technology, and are geared towards small to midsize growers.

However, choosing the best product for your growing needs can be a tricky task, due to the plethora of options to choose from. But we’ve reviewed 11 bestselling products from the Viparspectra lineup that will make your plants bloom with joy!

NameNumber of LED bulbsDimensionsVeg coverage area (feet)Flowering coverage area (feet)Max power (watts)
Viparspectra 600w12015.3” x 12.8” x 3”3’ x 3’2.5’ x 2.5’260
Viparspectra 300w Light Reflector Series6012.8 x 8 x 2.82′ x 2′1.5′ x 1.5′130
Viparspectra V450 Reflector Series LED Grow Light9016.1 x 8.3 x 2.8 inches2.5′ x 2.5′2.5′ x 2.5′200
Viparspectra 600w Dimmable Series6011.7” x 7.9” x 2.7”2.5′ x 2.5′2.5′ x 2.5′132
Viparspectra PAR1200 Dimmable Series14019.7” x 17.3” x 3.5”4’x 4′3.5’x 3.5′545
Viparspectra Timer Control Series TC90018019.5” x 18.6” x 5.5”4’x 4′3’x 3′N/A
Viparspectra PAR700 PAR Series14019.7” x 11.8” x 3.5”3’x 3′2.5′ x 2.5′326
Viparspectra Reflector Series R90018022.5” x 12.8” x 3”4’x 4′3’x 3′450
VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series P150045013.7” x 11” x 2.6”3’x 3′2.5′ x 2.5′150

Viparspectra 600w

The Viparspectra 600w is regarded as one of the top models available in the market due to its rich set of features. It is UL certified, meaning it meets stringent testing and safety standards, and is fitted with fire resistant reflectors that are designed to amplify the light penetration.

VIPARSPECTRA 600W LED Grow Light,with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

Even though the design of the reflectors renders a 50 percent higher PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) output, they work a bit differently than other similar models in that they direct more light towards the plants, without causing any damage such as light burn, and stunted plant growth.

The Viparspectra V600w LED grow light is fitted with a total of 120 high intensity 5-watt Bridgelux LEDs, which boast a lifespan of an unmatched 100,000 hours. The lights are tucked away neatly in a strong 15.3” x 12.8” x 3” casing, and tip the scales at 11.6 lbs overall.

With regards to coverage, V600w LED grow light panel by Viparspectra shines just the right amount of blue light for vegetative growth in a 3’ x 3’ area when set 32” high, and red light for flowering in a 2.5’ x 2.5’ area installed 22” above the plants.

For optimal results, the company recommends hanging the lights during the vegetation stage between 28” and 40”, and running them for at least 18 hours a day. For best results during the flowering and fruiting stage, hand the lights at a height between 18” and 24”, and run them for 12 hours per day. For most houseplants, like Philodendrons etc., hang them a good 36″ away.

Flip the Viparspectra V600w LED grow light over, and you get two dedicated switches veg and bloom switches, which allows you to easily control both functions of the growth process individually. Another noteworthy feature of the V600w LED grow lights its daisy chain functionality, which allows you to connect several lights together to just a single electrical outlet.

Under the hood, the Viparspectra V600w LED panel features upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks that coupled with the onboard high speed yet quiet fans result in unmatched heat dissipation. If you’d like the features of the Viparspectra V600w, but prefer a slightly compact 15.7”x 9.4”x 3” model and with veg and bloom switches on the side, the Viparspectra VP600w model is worth a second look.


  • Separate veg and bloom switches
  • Aluminum cooling heat sinks
  • 120 high intensity 5-watt Bridgelux LEDs
  • Daisy chain feature
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty, and 30-days money back guarantee


  • Fans may be louder than other models

Viparspectra 300w Light Reflector Series

The Viparspectra 300w Light is part of the company’s Reflector series, and is regarded as the younger cousin of the Viparspectra V600w LED panel, due to its smaller 2′ x 2′ vegetative coverage area, and 1.5’ x 1.5’ flowering coverage area. It provides excellent full spectrum lighting for both vegetative and flowering stages when suspended at 24” and 18” respectively.

VIPARSPECTRA UL Certified 300W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

The V300 Viparspectra grow light tips the scales at a little over 6 lbs, measures 12.8 × 8 × 2.8 inches (7.11 cm), and features durable construction complete with a fire resistant iron housing. It is embedded with 60 high intensity 5-watt Bridgelux LEDs, which collectively consume only 130 watts of power, which results in considerably low cost of operation.

In terms of longevity, the lights in the Viparspectra V300 panel offer a whopping 100,000-hour lifespan, which is significantly higher than other models in its segment. Further, it is UL certified, meets rigorous testing and safety standards, and delivers a 50 percent higher PAR output, thanks to the unique reflector design.

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The daisy link function of the Viparspectra V300 grow lights allows you to link the light with other panels without connecting to separate electric outlets. It features an advanced cooling system, and high-powered fans that contribute towards great heat dissipation. The Viparspectra V300 grow light comes with everything you need to get started including a 6-foot power cord, and manufacture warranty.


  • Fitted with 60 high intensity 5-watt Bridgelux LEDs
  • Great for small to medium grow areas
  • UL certified with daisy link function
  • Advanced cooling system
  • Manufacturer warranty


  • Lacks veg and bloom switches

Viparspectra V450 Reflector Series LED Grow Light

The Viparspectra V450 Reflector Series LED grow light is one of the bestselling models from the company’s product lineup, and for several good reasons. For starters, it offers unapparelled quality and performance with high lumen/watt output, and optimal 12 band spectrum that is as close as you can get to natural sunlight.

VIPARSPECTRA 450W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain,Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

It is fitted with veg and bloom switches for a more focused approach on separate growing areas for the growing and flowering periods. Furthermore, this LED grow light panel by Viparspectra is UL certified for safe use, and comes with fire resistant reflectors, which are designed to increase the PAR value by an impressive 50 percent.

The Viparspectra V450 Reflector Series grow light measures 16.1 × 8.3 × 2.8 inches (7.11 cm), weighs roughly 8 lbs, and is fitted with 90 high intensity 5-watt Bridgelux LEDs. These LED bulbs are billed as a great alternative to 300W HPS/MH lights, and offer long 100,000 hours service life.

Adding to this, this LED grow light panel by Viparspectra boasts a sturdy construction including its fire resistant iron housing. Even though it comes with powerful fans, it is surprisingly quiet during operation, and stays cool owing to its onboard upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks.

The Viparspectra V450 Reflector Series panel is designed to light up 2.5′ x 2.5′ size vegetative areas when installed 24” high, and 2′ x 2′ flowering areas when suspended at 18”. It can be with several other light panels by using a single electrical outlet via its daisy link function, and is backed by a 3-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.


  • 100,000 hours bulb service life
  • Veg and bloom switches
  • UL certified and 50% increased PAR value
  • 90 high intensity 5-watt Bridgelux LEDs
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty


  • Red lights may burn out but are covered under the warranty

Viparspectra 600w Dimmable Series

If you’re looking to early flower, the Viparspectra 600w Dimmable Series will get the job done. This LED panel offers the best of both world’s — full spectrum lighting and dimmable functionality, so you get complete control over the growth process. The panel is fitted with 60 high intensity dual chip 10-watt LEDs that are built to last at least 100,000 work hours.

Plant Grow Light, VIPARSPECTRA Newest Dimmable 600W LED Grow Light, with Daisy Chain, Dual Chips Full Spectrum LED Grow Lamp for Hydroponic Indoor Plants Veg and Flower(10W LEDs 60Pcs)

The Viparspectra 600w Dimmable Series measure 11.7 × 7.9 × 2.7 inches (6.86 cm), weighs just over 4 lbs, and are geared towards vegetative areas with 2.5’ x 2.5’ dimensions, and flowering areas that sprawl 2’ x 2’. For best results i.e. bigger buds and higher yield, Viparspectra recommends hanging this light panel at 20” and 16” for the vegetative and flowering stages respectively.

The 600w dimmable light from Viparspectra offers great convenience in that you can link several panels together, with just one electric outlet. With regard to cost efficiency, the Viparspectra 600w Dimmable series lights sets the gold standard by consuming a modest 130 watts of power, and serves as a viable replacement for a 250W HPS/MH lamp.

Apart from its great build quality, the 600w dimmable grow light high speed and efficient cooling fans, mated with aluminum heat sinks for unsurpassed heat dissipation and long light service life. You can adjust the brightness of the entire light panel from 0 to 100 percent by simply toggling with the knob located at the rear of the unit.

In the box, you get the V600 dimmable light, 6-foot power cord, user guide, and a hanging kit, so you don’t to buy anything separately to get started. And to top things off, the Viparspectra 600w Dimmable light panel comes with a 2-year warranty against any manufacturer defects, and 30-day money back guarantee.


  • 60 high intensity dual chip 10-watt LEDs
  • Daisy link feature
  • Comes with 6-foot power cord and hanging kit
  • Heat sinks and cooling fans
  • Adjustable dimming between 0% and 100%


  • Unit may get warm not hot at times

Viparspectra PAR1200 Dimmable Series

The Viparspectra PAR1200 is part of the dimmable series of the company’s range of products, and is an ideal choice if you’re looking to light up a 4’ x 4’ vegetative area and/or 3.5’ x 3.5’ flowering area. It is engineered to provide a perfect balance of PAR/lumen output, and can increase canopy penetration by an amazing up to 200 percent.

VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable Series PAR1200 1200W LED Grow Light - 2 Dimmers 12-Band Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg/Bloom

When hung at 40” for the vegetative stage and 36” for the flowering stage, the Viparspectra PAR1200 light panel provides optimum full spectrum lighting that mimics natural sunlight, resulting in a healthy harvest. Furthermore, it is equipped with separate veg and bloom switches, so you gain full control over the red, white, and blue spectrum.

The Viparspectra PAR1200 grow light panel measures 19.7 × 17.3 × 3.5 inches (8.89 cm), and is a smart replacement for an energy inefficient grow light. The panel is well-built, features an appealing white finish, and is fitted with a total of 240 High Intensity 5W E piled/Bridgelux LEDs.

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In terms of cooling, the Viparspectra PAR1200 grow light outweighs the competition with it three, front loaded 2” fans connected with massive aluminum cooling heat sinks, resulting in superior heat dissipation. It consumes just 545 watts of power, and comes with the light panel, user guide, 6-foot power cord, 1/8” adjustable rope hangars, and a hanging kit.


  • Separate veg and bloom switches
  • 240 high intensity bulbs
  • Consumes just 545 watts of power
  • Powerful fans and cooling heat sinks
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty


  • Lacks daisy chain feature

VIPARSPECTRA Timer Control Series TC600 600W LED Grow Light - Dimmable Veg/Bloom Channels 12-Band Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants

Viparspectra Timer Control Series TC900 Grow Light

The Viparspectra TC900 grow light is in a league of its own with outstanding design complete with fire resistant iron housing, and separate channels for veg and bloom. This model from the company’s stable is a great alternative to 600W HPS/MH lights, and works miraculously for all stages of plant growth.

The brightness level in both veg and bloom channels can be adjusted on the fly between 0 percent and 100 percent separately. It exceeds expectations when suspended 18” above the canopy, and is the only lighting system you’ll ever need in a 3’ x 3’ flowering area. With regard to coverage, the TC900 grow light should ideally be installed in a 4’ x 4’ vegetative area hung at 32”, and 3’ x 3’ flowering area at 24” high.

It showcases a unique reflector design, which minimizes total concentration on the light in the middle of the grow area, hence greatly reducing the chances of stunted plant growth. Further, the design of the reflector helps maintain a great PAR output, so your plants get more, resulting in bigger, dense flowers soaked in resin.

The TC900 grow light by Viparspectra is fitted with a total of 180 5W Bridgelux/Epileds LED bulbs, which are set at a 90-degree angle, and offer a roughly 100,000-hour lifespan. One of the key features that of the Viparspectra TC900 that sets it apart from most models in its segment is its included compact remote controller, from where you can control several functions such as configure the runtime, increase or decrease the brightness, etc.

It is equipped with top of the line aluminum cooling heat sinks, and high speed fans that don’t do much more than whisper, yet offer excellent heat dissipation capabilities. The Viparspectra TC900 Time Controlled light comes with the light, remote controller, two adjustable rope hangers, a hanging kit, user guide, and 3-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Remote control operation
  • Separate veg and bloom channels
  • 180 5W Bridgelux/Epileds
  • Cooling heat sinks and high speed fans
  • Adjustable brightness level


  • Not waterproof

Viparspectra PAR700 PAR Series LED Grow Light

The Viparspectra PAR700 PAR Series LED growing light arrives in an attractive white finish, and is a great choice for all types of indoor or office plants right from the vegetative to blooming stage. This full spectrum light is as close as you can get to the real deal (natural sunlight), and measures 19.7 × 11.8 × 3.5 inches.

Adding to this, the PAR700 LED grow light panel is embedded with 140 high intensity 5W Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs, which boasts a 100,000-hour service life. It is an ideal fit for vegetative areas that span 3’ x 3’ at 36” high, and flowering areas that measure 2.5’ x 2.5’ at 28” height.

VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable PAR700 700W LED Grow Light, 3 Dimmers 12-Band Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg/Bloom

The PAR700 series light is smart alternative for a 600W HPS/MH light, and is appointed secondary optical lens that is engineered to magnify the PAR, and increase the penetration of the canopy by up to 200 percent. The panel also features several infrared LEDs, which may come across as dim at first glance, but in essence are designed to assist with leaf building and flowering, germination, and promoting cell division.

The front of the Viparspectra PAR700 light panel is equipped with the latest 2” powerful fans, and big 0.8” tall aluminum cooling heat sinks, which provide great heat dissipation. It comes with a standalone dimmer to control the red, blue and blue spectrum separately, giving you complete control over your growth operation.

The Viparspectra PAR700 draws 326 watts max power, making it extremely cost-efficient to run, and resulting in better ROI. In the box, you get the Viparspectra PAR700 light panel, 6-foot power cord, hanging kit, 1/8” adjustable rope hangers, and a user guide. It is also backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty, and 30-day money back guarantee.


  • 140 high intensity 5W Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs
  • Secondary optical lens for magnified PAR
  • Powerful fans and aluminum cooling heat sinks
  • Infrared LEDs and standalone dimmer
  • Comes with 3-year manufacturer warranty


  • May raise ambient room temperature

Viparspectra Reflector Series R900 LED Grow Light

The Viparspectra Reflector Series R900 is a UL certified LED light, meaning it meets stringent safety standards for safe operation. It rings in with a rich set of features, starting with its ability to provide top-notch full spectrum lighting in all stages of plant growth. This light model by Viparspectra saves you big on energy costs with a max 405-watt power consumption, making it a great replacement for 600W HPS/MH light.

VIPARSPECTRA 900W LED Grow Light, with Veg and Bloom Switches, Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lights for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower

The R900 Reflector Series LED light is protected by a well-built panel, measures 22.5 × 12.8 × 3 inches, and weighs 17 lbs. Adding to this, works well in vegetative areas spanning 4’ x 4’ at 32” high, and 3’ x 3’ flowering areas at 24” high. The panel is appointed with 180 high intensity 5W Epiled/Bridgelux LEDs, which are extremely durable at 100,000 hours.

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Unlike cheap grow lights, the R900 model features an exclusive reflector design, which Viparspectra claims increases the PAR output by an excellent 50 percent. The two switches located on the side of the unit allow you to easily switch between veg and bloom functions to meet varying needs of the growing process.

This top lighting growing solution by Viparspectra features fire resistant housing for enhanced service life, and comes factory fitted with advanced high speeds and aluminum cooling heat sinks for excellent heat dissipation.

The R900 Viparspectra LED light can also be ordered in a smaller variant — 16.5′ ‘x 16.5 ”x 3” with 390 watts power draw namely the Reflector Series V900 model. Regardless of the variant you choose, you get the light panel, 6-foot power cord, hanging kit, 1/8’ adjustable rope hangers, user guide, and manufacturer warranty.


  • UL certified with 405-watt power consumption
  • Great reflector design
  • 180 high intensity LEDs
  • 50% increased PAR output
  • 100,000-hour bulb life
  • Veg and bloom switches


  • Does not come with remote control

VIPARSPECTRA Pro Series P1500 LED Grow Light

Sun-like spectrum, dimmable function, superior efficiency, fan-less design — words that best describe the Viparspectra Pro Series P1500 LED grow light. It measures 13.7 × 11 × 2.6 inches, weighs a featherweight 6 lbs, and is a perfect fit for a 3’ x 3’ vegetative coverage area at 20” height, and 2.5’ x 2.5’ flowering coverage area hung at 16”.

The Pro Series P1500 grow light panel is fitted with a total 450 high intensity SMD LEDs, and is a great replacement for energy greedy 400W HPS/MH lights. Even with its award worthy performance, the Pro Series P1500 grow light consumes just 150 watts of power, giving to great ROI over your grow operation.

Grow Light, VIPARSPECTRA P1500 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Dimmable Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Seeding Veg and Bloom Hydroponic Growing Lamps

It is equipped with a 3rd generation cooling system complete with built in aluminum heat sinks, so your plants thrive in a noise-free environment. In terms of build quality, the Pro Series P1500 LED light panel is crafted from premium quality materials, and features a sleek and compact footprint.

This super bright LED grow light is equipped with a dimmer knob, which allows you to control the brightness of the entire light ranging from 5 percent to 100 percent. This full spectrum light panel consists of 660 nm red light, 3500k and 6500k white light, which is all your plants need for a healthy harvest.

The panel of the Pro Series P1500 grow light is equipped with a solid aluminum heat sink to keep it cool, and for unmatched heat dissipation. It comes loaded with a 6-foot power cord, hanging kit, user guide, and a 3-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.


  • Fan-less design
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Consumes 150 watts power
  • 450 high intensity SMD LEDs
  • Solid aluminum heat sink


  • No timer control

Viparspectra Grow Light Buyer’s Guide 

Viparspectra offers a wide range of high performance LED grow light models, making it a bit challenging to buy the right one for your needs. But we’ve put together a short Viparspectra LED light buying guide to ease your decision, and to help you buy LED lights your plants will love. When choosing the best Viparspectra LED grow light, it is important to consider the following five factors.

Light intensity — perhaps the most important factor to take into account, it is wise to buy LED lights that offer the best light intensity for both the size of your grow space, and plant’s growth stage.

Most growers are more concerned about not having too much light than having too much light, and with regard to light intensity, you want to achieve the right amount of photos your plants can use for growth and flowering, especially when growing vegetables. The easiest way to determine the perfect light intensity for your plants is to check out the coverage area the respective model is suited for.

Spectrum — you should choose the right spectrum for the different growth stages your plants will go through. For example, you may only need a light for vegetative or flowering stage or an LED light panel that caters both veg and flowering stages. Most of the Viparspectra models mentioned on this list come with separate veg and bloom switches/channels that allows you to cater to the complete growth process.

Power draw — also referred to as wattage draw, it basically represents the amount of power the light draws from the wall electric outlet. The power draw of Viparspectra is listed as both LED max power usage, which is the maximum power the light can use, and HID/HPS equivalency, which is the wattage of the HPS/MH light it can replace.

Coverage area — just as the name would suggest, coverage area refers to the size of the area the LED light model is designed for. Take note that the coverage area varies for the vegetative and flowering stages, and is clearly listed in the Viparspectra LED light product reviews.

Warranty — Viparspectra LED grow lights come with at least a 2-year warranty against any manufacturer defects, and a 30-day money back guarantee. This allows you to buy with the confidence knowing that they will serve you well for many years to come.

Viparspectra LED Lights FAQ’s

Q: What are the benefits of Viparspectra LED grow lights?

Answer: Viparspectra grow lights offer myriad benefits starting with their long 100,000-hour bulb life. Further, they are designed to greatly reduce heat load, and are fitted with high speed fans and cooling sinks for great heat dissipation.

Q: What wattage Viparspectra light should I buy compared to HID lighting?  

Answer: Even though the answer varies, the rule of thumb is 30 percent to 50 percent less wattage than HID lighting.

Q: Can I use HID light for vegetative stage and Viparspectra LED’s for flowering stage?

Answer: You can, but definitely not recommended, given that your plants may get used to a particular light intensity and spectrum, so switching between the two types of lights could shock the plant, and affect the flowering stage.