Sontakka Plant Care — Sontakka Flower — White Ginger Lily

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Do you want to find out more about caring for one of the more popular plants in the gardening world, namely the sontakka plant?

Then stay tuned and let us welcome you to a quick guide to making your cultivation life easier.

Sontakka Flower Plant

Let’s start off with some white ginger lily sontakka plant facts:

The sontakka plants are Asian shrub plants. They are a beautiful white blossomed shrub deriving from the zingiberaceae family (ginger family).

Hence why it is also called white ginger lily sontakka.

Butterfly ginger lily is another one of its many names. This name was given due to this plants blossoms resembling butterflies. Camia plant is another name mainly used in the Philipines.

These sweet flowering plants are a white and scented species, and a subspecies of Hedychium coronarium, White Mariposa, is the national flower of Cuba.

When these plants are grown under the correct conditions — which is in moist and cool weather — they grow upwards from the plants bulb creating long leaves and flower buds before bunches of radiating flowers pop up from their stalks.

The beautiful flowers of the garland lily sontakka plants are popularly used in aromatherapy and are said to improve sensual wellness. The flowers are also used to make scented soaps. These are just a few of its many plant benefits.

When taken care of properly these eye-catching perennial plants will soothe your surroundings with amazing freshness and lovely fragrance.

The white garland lily plant, especially when young, is very delicate and needs to be handled with care.

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This lovely aromatic shrub is however a low-maintenance plant that is fairly easy to grow.

It is a fast-growing pseudostem plant that can take on a height of 1-3 meters.

Continue for some sontakka plant care tips.

Ginger Lilly Sunlight Requirements

Sunlight plays an important role when growing this white ginger lily.

The sontakka flower is extremely fond of bright sunlight, both partial and direct and it would require up to 6 hours of sunlight daily.

When you freshly plant its bulb, keep it away from direct sunlight for about 10-15 days. After which it can be exposed to some morning sunlight and then finally after 20-25 days it’ll be safe to place it into direct sunlight.

This process will allow the butterfly lily to adapt to stronger light gradually.

During the summer, place the white ginger lily in an area of partial shade with indirect sunlight during the afternoon when the sun is at its hottest.

Sontakka Plant Water Requirements

For optimal growth of the sontakka plant, a humid environment is required.

Keeping the soil moist — especially during the summer — is crucial for the plant to remain strong enough to keep its beautiful flowering stems upright.

A healthy watering routine would be watering your plant once every morning and once in the evening if the plant so requires.

A good rule of thumb is to feel whether the soil is moist before watering it. If the soil feels dry, water it just enough for it to feel damp.

Flooding the white ginger lily rather than keeping the soil moist, will cause it to rot.

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Over irrigation will make grounds for fungus formation which may cause immense damage.

Evaporation occurs less during the winter season. You will therefore not have to water your sontakka plant as frequently.

Be extra careful not to let the soil dry out in winter. Feel the soil frequently as you would in warmer weather – soil moisture is crucial.


The sontakka can be grown both in a pot and in a home garden. 

When adding this plant to a flowerbed, make sure that it’s planted someplace which gets regular sunlight. Proper drainage of soil is vital.

The sontakka are great container plants. Buy a grower round plastic pot, which is big enough. This plant not only grows high but wide as well. Plant its tender shoots into organic potting soil mixture.

Fertilization Of Sontakka Flower Plant

The white ginger lily is not a hungry plant and requires minimal fertilization. But boosting growth with a little food and creating fertile soil doesn’t hurt.

Cow dung and vermicompost have been shown to aid in the proper growth and flowering of the white ginger lily when adding it one month after sowing.

During the summer season, which is the flowering season, the plant blooms vigorously and requires loads of nutrients, adding NPK fertilizer to its round plastic pot is beneficial.


Pruning is an important task when caring for a sontakka.

Due to each flower only blooming once in a lifetime from each individual pseudostem, it is important to cut the stem at ground level once flowering is complete.

Pruning these bits helps the plant use its energy on stems that have yet to flower.

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Are Your Flowering Carnia Plants Not Blooming?

These plants usually bloom profusely in mid-summer to fall.

It will still keep growing, but flowering will be less in other seasons.

There may however be other reasons as to why your plant isn’t flowering.

The sontakka plant requires a good amount of sunlight in order to flower. Lack of sunlight may leave your plant looking in good shape but it will lack its magnificent flowers.

Your once flowering plant might be lacking some fertilizer.

Add a diammonium phosphate fertilizer to the sontakka in flowering seasons. This fertilizer is high in phosphorus and nitrogen which is great for good flowering.

Always add water when adding fertilizer. This will help dilute and dissolve the fertilizer into the soil immediately. 

We hope that this brief sontakka flower plant care information was helpful. Follow this advice to keep your plant intact and to maintain good plant quality. Happy gardening!