Lime for Lawns

Do you dream of a green lawn and perfect flower beds? Ground limestone can help you achieve your goal. The contents of this article can help you understand why we lime lawns, and the benefits it has:

Palm Tree Trimming: How To Trim A Palm Tree

If you are thinking of trimming your palm trees and don’t know where to start, this guide will help you from start to finish. Palm trees are an iconic plant that many people have in their homes or yards. They add a tropical feel to any space, and they look great with other plants.

Palm Tree Roots

Palm trees are tropical plants that prefer to grow on sandy soil. Palm trees are great for adding a tropical feel to your yard and can significantly improve the allure of your home. However, palm trees have their fair share of maintenance to be done. Removing the roots after cutting down a palm tree is …

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Palm Tree Wood Uses

While palm trees have the name “tree” and grow like trees, they are not necessarily trees and are scientifically classified as grass in the Arecaceae family. This article discusses everything about palm tree wood and answers some interesting questions regarding palm wood.