House Plants

Hoya Obovata Care

Adding a little greenery to your home immediately spruces up any room! However, some homeowners desire natural beauty but without the extra effort. If this description sounds like you, Hoya Obovata is just the plant for you! They are a faster growing variety of Hoya, easy to care for, attractive semi-succulent trailing plants characterized by …

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Begonia Maculata Care — Polka Dot Begonia wightii

The Begonia Maculata plant has the most wonderful common names — The Polka Dot Plant, The Spotted Begonia or The Clown Begonia! These charming, colorful terms describe the best features of this flowering houseplant — large angel wing-shaped green leaves with polka dots on the top and deep purple-red underneath.

Orange Star Plant Care (Ornithogalum Dubium)

The Orange Star plant, also known as Sun Star or Star of Bethlehem, is a plant native to the Western Cape in South Africa, and is hardy in USDA hardiness zones 7 through 11. It is aptly named orange star plant for its breathtaking cluster of bright orange flowers that feature a star-like appearance.

Snow Queen vs Marble Queen Pothos

Are you one of the many plant owners who were under the impression that these two, very similar-looking wonderful marble queen and snow queen varieties of pothos are the same? Well, welcome to the battle of the snow queen vs marble queen pothos, two of the most popular and common houseplants in the cultivation world.