How To Grow Green Onions, Scallions, And Spring Onions

You’ve seen them in grocery stores and you’ve used them on numerous occasions, but did you know that green onions and scallions are fundamentally the same things? These tasty, versatile scallions, like the garlic plant feature in many recipes and, are packed with flavor and health benefits. One green onion is loaded with immune-boosting nutrients …

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How To Sterilize Soil

Are you struggling to keep your outdoor garden or indoor plants alive and healthy? Do you feel like you have attempted every care tip in the book but still, fail? Well, let me ask you this. Have you ever sterilized the soil that you grow your plants in?

Pygmy Date Palm — Growing and Care Guide

Phoenix roebelenii, also commonly referred to as pygmy date palm, miniature date palm, or dwarf date palm, is a species of date palm native to northern Laos, Southeast Asia, and northern Vietnam. This subtropical spreading palm as the name suggests is short in height, and grows to roughly 5 feet to 6 feet indoors.

What Are Hican Trees?

If I told you a Hican tree is a bi-generic hybrid cross of hickory trees and pecan trees, then the name might make sense! They are also called a hican pecan tree, because they are a pecan cross. These trees bear delicious nuts, that are a mix of both hickory nuts and pecans.