Black Strawberry — Do Black Strawberries Exist?

Last Updated on December 18, 2021 by Grow with Bovees

Have you ever come across a picture or pictures of so-called black strawberries via a random internet search?

Beautiful right?

But does the so called black strawberry truly exist?

The Black Strawberry

Although this black fruit plant looks beautifully unique and real on images, we have to burst your bubble, this one is definitely not real and doesn’t presently exist in any country.

I mean, aren’t they usually red?

The thing is, there are loads of myths and stories floating about, regarding these black strawberries. It is best not to believe them.

We can assure you, black strawberries or black fruit, in general, are fake and just another one of many internet rip-offs.

If anything, berries dark in color would be classified as deep purple or even burgundy in color, but definitely not jet black.

The image of fruit being black was interestingly enough created by an artist named John Robertson about twenty years ago.

He intricately designed and crafted a black strawberry plant, this was however a resin-made strawberry, making it a fake item.

This piece of art was said to be delightfully complex and beautiful, but nothing more than that.

There are plenty of different varieties and colors of strawberries and these are generally quite popular fruits, but they do not include strawberry plants black in color.

Having said all of this, let us continue by discussing some of the internet scammers trying to rob you of your money by advertising and selling these so-called black strawberries.

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Beware of Online Sellers of Strawberry Seeds

Some online selling platforms such as eBay are sadly filled with a fair share of fraudulent sellers and fake posts.

Black strawberry seed is just one example of fake products being sold from a link such as eBay, they are a scam. Even though these black strawberry seeds look incredibly realistic in images, producing black strawberries from them is impossible.

These are the perfect items to sell online on eBay for online scammers. The reason we say this is because the growing pace of strawberry plants is very slow. Once the buyers strawberries develop, and he realizes they are in fact not black in color, it is usually too late.

In the period of time when your strawberry plants are growing, the scammer or seller will have already escaped or dodged any complaints from the people and there will not be a chance to report the fraud.

Even though it is easy to get scammed by a seller on online platforms, we are not trying to discourage you from buying your strawberry plants seeds from an online menu.

There are plenty of reliable gardening sites online with great reviews, which sell all sorts of great gardening products, items, and seeds.

The trick is finding these reliable sites and sticking to them in the future instead of following quick and easy links such as eBay or even amazon. Looking at the number of stars of a site’s rating or the reviews of a site may help you in finding a reliable source to buy your strawberry seedlings.

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Other Strawberry Colors

Along with the red strawberry, the selection of red seeds has increased tremendously over the years.

You being someone who is fond of different strawberry varieties, I assume that you’re already accustomed to the red variety, which is the classic fruit.

There are some more types of strawberry colors that you might not have come across yet — three to be exact.

These include the white strawberry, the yellow strawberry, and last but not least the purple strawberry.

White strawberries are a unique variety and a semi-famous fruit. The pineberry type is included here. These seeds have been around for quite some time and have only recently made their way into the limelight again.

Yellow strawberries and their seeds are an extremely rare variety.

And the purple wonder strawberry is currently the newest and possibly the darkest strawberry on the block. Many spectators, in fact, believe that the purple strawberry cultivar is actually black. This is the common confusion that leads to misinterpretation. The black strawberry is not part of this family.

Let us have a more detailed discussion on purple wonder strawberries.

Purple Strawberries

You might ask yourself, do these strawberries exist followed by, is this fruit genetically modified? To answer your question, these are real and not genetically modified.

These medium-sized purple strawberries are grown and bred naturally. This plant was in fact part of a small fruits breeding program in the United States.

Development started in 1999 and was finally released 13 years later.

The final product of these purple fruiting plants was something unlike any other. These fruits, unlike others, are incredibly sweet and aromatic and carry an exquisite strawberry flavor. They have everything you want in a berry.

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This deep burgundy berry is great to use for strawberry wine as well as strawberry preserves.

With this final conclusion and the above information, we hope that you’ll know better than to purchase a so called black strawberry on the internet, but rather save your time and money and stick to the colors that are actually real!